Hello! We’re Meredith and Doyle and we are excited about the possibility of becoming parents through adoption.  Thank you for looking at our profile.  We are honored and grateful that you are considering us to be a part of this journey with you.

We understand that you are going through a difficult decision, and want you to know that more than anything, we want the best for your child.  We want to provide a life full of love, kindness, fun and possibility.

We had always assumed we would become parents.   After struggling with infertility for many years, we explored the idea of expanding our family through adoption.  It’s not something we entered into lightly—we took time to learn about adoption while leaning on our faith for guidance.  We have built a wonderful life together and couldn’t be more excited to become parents through adoption.  We have a tremendous amount of love that we want to share with a child.

We wish you peace in your decision and to have faith in God’s good plan.


How We Met

We met at a Cubs game in 2001 on a double date…with other people! Oops.  We became good friends, but lost touch over time.  A few years later (when the timing was a bit better!), Doyle sat right behind Meredith at church in Chicago.  The priest made a joke during mass, and Doyle leaned into Meredith’s ear and said “That was funny, why didn’t you laugh?!”  Meredith thought to herself, “Who is hitting on me at church?!”  When she turned around and saw Doyle, she got super excited and nervous. J  We talked and laughed for hours on the steps of the church that night.  Doyle made Meredith laugh, and Meredith made Doyle feel special and appreciated.  Those are some of the qualities that continue to fuel our relationship today.

About Doyle (by Meredith)

Doyle is the life of the party…he has an incredible energy, sense of humor and is so much fun to be around.  He is the favorite Uncle to 22 nieces and nephews, mostly because he is a big kid himself.  Doyle loves to make others laugh and feel comfortable—he even does it for a living as a professional actor and entertainer.  He is genuinely interested in and cares about other people.  He’s a great listener and offers great love and advice in return.  As a husband, he is hardworking, incredibly generous and a great partner.  He’s been very supportive during the most difficult times in our lives.  I can’t wait to see him become a dad!

About Meredith (by Doyle)

Instantly, I was drawn to Meredith's enthusiasm and joy.  Things are so much easier when there is a smile involved and Meredith is the one that is always smiling.  She has a positive outlook on life and thinks the best of everyone.  I never met anyone who was more empathetic and understanding than Meredith.  She has helped my family members get jobs, been on the board of a major charity for years and is so helpful to anyone who asks for her help.  She even helps folks who don't ask for help!

Our Family

We are very lucky to have an amazing support system of friends and family close by.  Meredith’s mom lives within walking distance to us and Doyle’s parents live about 20 minutes away.  Doyle grew up in Oak Park, IL in a big Irish catholic family. He's the second youngest of seven kids (5 sisters and a brother) and remains close to all of his siblings and their families.  Meredith’s brother and his family of six live in our town and we see them regularly.  We love spending time with the many kids in our family—we have 22 nieces and nephews—including toddlers and recent college grads.   Holidays are equal parts crazy and fun with so many people around! We never miss an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays, cheer them on in sports or watch them in a show.  Our families can’t wait for a new little family member to love.

Adoption is already a special part of our family.  Doyle’s sister Aimee adopted two girls from Ethiopia, Desta & Mimi.  They are sweet, fun and energetic girls who have brought great joy and love to our family.  We feel adoption is a wonderful way to grow our family and to share our love with a child.  We are anxious and excited to adopt a child of our own.

Our Home

Our home is in a safe and family-friendly Western suburb of Chicago, which is the same close-knit community where Meredith grew up. There are lots of young families and kids on our block who ride bikes, play catch, and walk their dogs on our quiet, tree-lined street.  Meredith loves planting flowers and decorating the house  (inside and out) for every season and holiday.  We are also around the corner from a park, playground, and one of the best elementary schools in the country.  We love having our friends and family over for BBQs in the summer, where we play bags, make and eat lots of food, and roast marshmallows over the firepit in our backyard.  Our home is a place where we hope to make people feel comfortable and welcome, and of course, have tons of fun!

Our Thought on Open Adoption

It is our hope that you will be a part of your child’s life.  It’s important your child learn their story in an open and honest way.  Open adoption is important to us and we look forward to exploring with you what that will mean for our family.  We are open to e-mail, sending photos, talking and texting by phone, and visits.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make a very difficult decision.

With love,

Fun facts

  • Works in Finance at McDonald’s Corp for over 10 years.  Her favorite menu items are the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and McGriddles
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors with Doyle—either walking the dog in the neighborhood or hiking/biking on vacation
  • Loves cooking for Doyle and trying new recipes—and he likes eating!!
  • Affectionately known as “Aunt Moony” by her nieces and nephews
  • Is the primary snuggle buddy of our dog, Addie
  • Loves decorating the house (inside and out!) for each holiday--Christmas, Halloween, St. Patricks Day, etc…
  • Backpacked across Europe with her best girlfriends after college
  • Loves live entertainment--plays, musicals, and rock concerts—or just watching Netflix and Dateline on the couch
  • Favorite TV includes Chopped, all cooking shows, and any show with the word “Bachelor” in it
  • Wrote, produced and acted in an award-winning short film that starred his dad
  • He’s not really a bailiff, but he plays one on TV (on the Judge Mathis Show). 
  • Loves newspapers, books and history!  Family vacations growing up were either to museums or battlefields
  • Runs a family printing business that was started by his dad in the 70’s
  • Loves classic cars.  He owns a ’69 Cadillac Coup DeVille—it’s a boat!!
  • Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday – because he can eat massive amounts of food (and hang out with family of course)
  • Lifelong Cubs fan--has been a season ticket holder since the 80s!

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