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Thank you for being brave and courageous by going through this journey. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I know that this is not an easy decision for you to make, yet you are doing it anyway. That is the definition of courage. So, I want to take a minute and thank you for your courage. I respect you. I hope that as you scroll through this profile you will feel a connection with me. Our paths are different, but not as different as you might think. Our paths have converged now, and I am hopeful that they may continue to. Please know that my heart is full right now, and that whatever your decision I wish you the best. You are making a decision which will impact 3 lives. Yours, the baby’s, and possibly mine. With courage and compassion all 3 of us will be able to navigate through this. I respect openness in adoption. So we can work out a plan that allows the child to always know you as their birth mother. I will respect whatever type of future relationship you want to have. We will navigate through this together.

Our Story

Someone to call me Mommy

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of being a mother.  I played with dolls, changed their diapers, and pushed them around in strollers.  I work with children everyday as a teacher, but have been waiting to have one of my own.  As a young adult, I dated and looked for Mr. Right. 

I have not married yet and have decided that it is time to have a baby of my own.  I have chosen the path of adoption to become a mother and am so happy to be on this journey.  This is the most important goal of my life, and adoption will allow me to achieve it.

A Happy Life

I am a very active single adult.  I have many friends, and a loving family.  I have a successful career as a teacher.  I have a boyfriend and we are happy together.  He supports me in my decision to adopt a baby.  My best friends support my decision as well.  Many have told me that they are ready to become aunts and have fun outings with my future child.  Several of my friends with children, have already begun sharing tips, and childcare resources with me.  My child will be surrounded by a loving family and extended family.    

I know that my social life will change once I have a baby, but I welcome that change.  I have traveled the world, and done many wonderful things.  I still have plenty of space in my heart for my future child.


I live about 10 minutes away from my parents.  They are so excited about becoming grandparents.  I am their only child, and they are over the moon with joy about finally becoming grandparents.  My father is already talking about holidays with his grandchild, and my mother keeps talking about the fun we’re going to have shopping for this beautiful child.

In addition to my parents, I have aunts, uncles, and cousins who are ready to welcome a new generation into our family.  None of my cousins have had children yet either, and everyone is ready to continue many family traditions with a new generation.

We love spending time together.  We get together for Family pig roasts, reunions, barbecues, holidays, and really everything else in between.  We love each other, and we enjoy spending time together.  Did I mention, we are all ready to celebrate our next generation?

Our future life together. . .

I’m planning on taking 6 months off from work when the baby arrives.  I have accrued many sick days during my teaching career, and plan to use the maximum available (while maintaining my full health care benefits).  This will still leave me with plenty of extra sick days to take the baby to the doctor for well childcare visits, and the inevitable cold or flu.

My parents will watch my baby 2 days a week when I do return to work.  The remaining 3 days of the week, I plan to find a childcare provider to come into the home.  I will be home during the summer months.  Once my child is about 2 years old, they will begin going to childcare outside of the home.

Ready to be a mom

As I began the adoption process I purchased a sunny 2 bedroom condo on the 10th floor of a highrise building.  My second bedroom is ready and waiting to become a nursery.  It has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan during the day, and the stars by night. The grounds of my building have a beautiful courtyard which is perfect for afternoon or early evening walks.  In the summer there is also a nice pool to cool off in and a favorite spot for the children who live in our building.

Future Social and Dating Life

I have a boyfriend who I enjoy spending time with.  We are happy.  I have my own home, and he has his.  He is excited about me becoming a mom because he knows how much it means to me.  He raised his son as a single dad, and loves being a father.  He wants me to have that same joy through motherhood.  I know that once my baby arrives, I will have less time for my boyfriend and friends.  They know that too.  Nevertheless, everyone is very excited for me and looking forward to the positive new changes which having a baby will bring.

My ties to adoption

When I was 4 years old, I had a baby brother who was still born.  My parents thought about adopting but never did.  I wanted a sibling so badly.  I think that was when I first began thinking of adopting a child of my own.  Growing up my best friend was adopted.  As were two of my favorite baby sitters.  Everyone was always open about being adopted, and I will continue that tradition of openness.

Thank you

I am truly grateful to you for reading my profile, and humbly hope that you will consider allowing me to parent your child.  It will be the honor of my life.  Best wishes to you, as you make such an important decision.

Fun Facts

  • Science Fiction – I am a huge science fiction fan, and I love dressing up and going to comic cons.  My favorite costumes are family ones and I’ve already got a few family themed costumes which I’ll continue with my baby.
  • Special talents – I can be pretty techy at times.  In addition to teaching full time, I manage a blog for other educators and share lessons I’ve created with them.
  • Languages – I speak English and French.  Being bilingual is something that is important to me and something I’d love to pass on to my child.
  • Favorite Breakfast – I love grits!  I even cook them in the summer time, and when I’ve lived in cities that did not carry them in my local grocery store – I asked my mom to ship them to me (yeah, it’s that serious).
  • Favorite Meat – Chicken thighs.  I don’t know what it is about me and chicken thighs – but I love them.  I have about 5 favorite ways that I prepare chicken thighs.  If my child prefers white meat to dark it will work out great, because they can eat the white meat and leave the dark meat for me.  If my future child prefers dark meat, I’ll get to buy more chicken thighs.
  • Cooking – My friends and family tell me that I am a good cook.  Sometimes I think that just means they are tired of cooking.  Either way, eating healthy is important and I will prepare many healthy meals for my future child.
  • Favorite Summer Activity – Laying or sitting in the sun on a beautiful day.
  • Favorite Winter Activity – Sitting by a fireplace.
  • Favorite Pastime – Playing video games.
  • Travel – I love to travel and have visited a lot of the world.  I can’t wait to begin traveling with my child.  We will explore the world together.  My favorite place I’ve visited so far is the south of France. 

"Michelle" Video

"Michelle" Family Photos

  • Apple Picking
  • Bristol Renaissance Fair
  • Chris and I
  • Cousins Keith and Jordan
  • Dad with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ted
  • Enjoying Ravinia
  • Fun with Friends
  • Game of Thrones Party
  • Grandma's Birthday
  • Holiday Party with Chris
  • I love Lobster, and Lobster Fest!
  • I love my students
  • Mom's Birthday
  • Monica and I at Jazzin' at the Shedd
  • My Line Sisters
  • My Sorority sisters and I after finishing the Hot Chocolate 5K
  • New Years with Kim and Iona
  • Roaring 20's Halloween Party
  • Star Wars Convention
  • The Chicago City Classic Football Game

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