Hello! We are Nico and Monica! This is only the beginning to our forever-changing journey and we are thankful you are taking the time to learn more about us ♡

We met in 2012 there was an instant connection. We remained friends for a year and learn so much about each other. We realized we both came from similar backgrounds, and we raise pretty much the same. Both of our families were hard-working Italians that came to this country to better themselves and their children. Remaining friends for a year we decided to start dating and our feelings developed much faster than expected. We made the decision to move in together July 2013 and got engaged November 2013. We both had previously been married and didn’t want a big wedding, that’s when we made plans to marry in Vegas at the Venetian in May 2014. After returning from Vegas we had a small reception at Macello in Chicago and this brought both of our families closer. We started searching for a home immediately and found a house in a quiet neighborhood in Chicago. We fell in love with this area because of the raised ranches, nice sized yard for our fur babies and future child, and the fact that this neighborhood is filled with police officers made us feel safe and at home. This house had some work to do, but thankfully, Nico and his brother Toni are very talented and were able to make it a home. Five weeks later in early October we moved in! Finally!! We knew this would be the start of an amazing beginning.

Building our family was something that continuously came up in conversation, but we will not be able to conceive due to fertility complications. We knew in our hearts that this wasn’t the end of the road and God would bless us and other ways. Adoption was brought up multiple times and we were both very open to it. When searching, we struggled to find the right adoption agency. After researching multiple sites, we came across The Cradle. Knowing they prepared us with classes and counseled the birth parents, made us feel more at ease and comfortable with our decision. We attended our first general meeting January 2016 and decided to move forward with the adoption process. After the first meeting with our counselor, we decided to tell our family, friends, and Neighbors. The support we received, and continue to receive, is amazing.


Nico is best described as a loving husband and an amazing father to our fur babies Daisy and Mia. Nico comes from a big-hearted Italian family that gets together all the time. (Which I love) If you ask any of Nico family members he is known as the prankster and “the biggest kid” LOL. He enjoys entertaining his nieces Ilaria, Miriana, and the newest edition Cristina. During the years I have witnessed firsthand that he will make a great father, and do whatever he needs to do to make sure his family is taken care of. I look forward to the day we can start our family and make beautiful memories to cherish forever.


Monica is really One of a Kind. She is sweet, loving, caring, professional, and also very stubborn. I wouldn’t change any of it. Monica was very honest with me from the first day we started dating by telling me that she wasn’t able to have children. I know she was very nervous to tell me, thinking I wouldn’t want to continue our relationship but her honesty made me realize she was the right one for me. We also knew there were many different ways that we can become parents and God would make it happen when the time was right.

And here we are today… I know she will be the best mom ever! Everytime we are around kids her face lights up with excitement that I cannot describe. Together we want to provide our children with a loving, a good education, and a big family.

All about Mia:

Mia is our boxer mix that we adopted almost two years ago. Not only is she loving and kind but she thinks she is a human. Mia enjoys running, playing ball, tug-of-war, listening to the birds sing, and watching TV. Mia got her nickname “little horse” because of how she gallops through the yard, and her size. She truly amazes us every day as she consistently reminds us how much love she has for us and her big sister Daisy. We know Mia would love any child that enters our home just as she loves being around our three nieces.

All about Daisy:

Daisy is our little Yorkie that thinks she is a princess. Daisy reminds us of her loyalty everyday as she makes us dry her paws if they are wet, blow dry her hair if she gets rained on, and wants to be pushed around in her stroller. Daisy loves giving her papa Nico kisses and sitting on his chest to let him know that she owns him. When we first brought me home Daisy was not liking the idea of sharing her toys or our attention with another sibling, but now she will do anything for her little sister. Daisy who is also known (as our little alarm) would make sure our child would feel safe and protected at all times. Once our baby enters our home I’m sure we will find Daisy in the nursery guarding our little bundle of joy.

As every loving couple grows together their next step and goal is to grow into a loving family. For Nico and I that isn't our goal, it is our dream to be able to nurture, love, grow into a beautiful family, while maintaining and engaging in all of the Italian traditions. We would like the child to know their birth parents. We understand each situation is unique and we want to work with the birth parents to determine what is the healthiest for everyone should we be chosen as the adoptive family. We are extremely excited to start this forever changing journey and thankful that you are taking the time to get to know us a little better.


Nico and Monica ♡

Fun facts

  • Monica loves to wear high heels
  • Monica drinks coffee before bed
  • Monica enjoys walking Daisy and Mia (our dogs) around the neighborhood
  • Monica loves to color in her adult coloring book
  • Monica’s favorite stores are Michael’s and Hobby Lobby 
  • Nico was born and raised in Italy
  • Nico loves the soccer team Juventus
  • Nico calls Daisy and Mia “our children”
  • Nico has multiple tattoos
  • Nico’s favorite store is Home depot 

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