“Promise me you will remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think.” – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Hello there, nice to meet you – we’re Paul, Nancy and Grant.  We are excited about growing our family again through adoption and are dedicated to building an open adoption plan should that be what you want too.  Maybe you will connect with parts of our lives or maybe we will have shared interest. Who knows what might feel right for you but whatever that might be we hope you find what you are looking for.  We don’t think you will find a more genuine family profile than ours (ok, we’re biased).  What you see is what you get – we’re real, we’re excited, and we’re super happy to open our hearts one more time. 

We met in Columbus, Ohio in 2000. We were with a bunch of our friends, and although we liked each other right away, we didn’t get the chance to exchange numbers or even learn each other’s names. But we both knew that we had made a connection.

A month later we ran into each other again. This time we made sure not to make the same mistake! We made arrangements to go out again and we’ve been together since. We got married in 2002.

We both have siblings, and we imagined that we would have a loud, crazy household like the ones that we grew up in.  We leaned completely into adoption, this wasn’t a “second choice” for us.  We’re different that way.  We just listened to what God said and it was pretty clear – adoption was the direction.  So we did, and that’s how Grant changed our hearts and lives forever. 

Family, Friends, and Fun – Here’s what we look forward to

We’re a get up and go type family.  Not many hours go past sitting on the couch watching TV around here.  There is so much to do, and so many places to go!

We travel a lot – usually plan a few family vacations (includes aunts, uncles, cousin and grandparents too!)  Our favorite places include renting a big house for everyone to stay together, some beach time, and a few local attractions like amusement parks, zoos, festivals, or downtown areas to get ice cream and coffee.

We’re big holiday people.  We love Halloween! We like to come up with a theme and dress as a group; for example, one year we were fishermen and Grant was our lobster. Our dining table folds out…Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners keep growing. We can’t seem to get a big enough table for the food, family and friends that we want to put around it. But we feel blessed to have this “problem,” and we can always find room for more!

Speaking of our yard, we celebrate outside as much as we can: cookouts, lobster boils, clam bakes, bonfires, s’mores,  Easter egg hunts, jumpy houses, bubble machines, you name it. We love having people over and we created our entire yard around that idea.

We cook a lot – our rule is 3 new meals a week, no repeats.  We’re not leftovers people.  

We’re really into our garden and the creatures that live in it. We plant flower beds full of fun plants that bloom through out the year.  We plant tulips for spring, mums for Fall, and a bunch of summer plants that grow so big you can’t see the neighbor’s yard.  One of our favorite things to do is make “squirrel candy bars” as we call them: pine cones covered in peanut butter, dipped in bird seed.  The squirrels go crazy for them!

Adoption and Openness

Adoption is a part of our life, and we will teach our kids about it just like any other life lesson. We have books that we read to Grant about what adoption means, so that it’s a concept that he will grow up understanding. This way, we will never have to “break the news,” we will just add more details as he matures. We also send updates to Grant’s birthmother, which is what she requested.  We don’t always get a response from her, but we want her to know the door is open.

We were very prepared for Grant to have contact with his birthparents and siblings.  We assumed that because his birthmother wanted to get updates that eventually we’d all be sharing in every milestone Grant went through.  This “open” arrangement can be different for everyone. 

In the beginning it might make sense, and then as time goes on, you might feel differently.  We get it.  We can be as close or as distant as you need, and you can change your mind.  We’re familiar with this – we’ve seen how it works.

So here’s our promise: we can accommodate what you need at the time you need it.  This is your choice and we respect how incredibly challenging this can be. 

Family Plan

Paul owns his own law firm and can work from home or his office which is less than 2 miles away from our home.  Nancy works for a retailer and has the ability to work from home and the office.  We have family that comes to visit frequently and just like when Grant came home, there were quite a few people with us enjoying the snuggle time.  We’ll be spending as much time as possible at home with the new baby, especially the first year.  We plan to use the same childcare school Grant as gone to over the years – which is 2 miles away from our home and Paul’s office.  We’ve loved the way Grant has learned to socialize and get a head start on learning everything for kindergarten.  We believe that kids thrive and learn best when they are with other kids, playing and making friends.  

Meet Nancy, by Paul

Nancy is the funniest person I’ve ever met. Nancy is creative in all kinds of ways. She is a great writer, and she makes me laugh even when I’m stressed and I don’t want to! She brings a lot of happiness to my life and to our house.  

Nancy hates to sit still. She’s always busy with something. Whether she’s playing with Grant, trying out a new recipe or reorganizing our space, she’s usually just a blur flying past me! 

I can always count on Nancy to act crazy with me, dance or sing. She is fun and I love that! She also has good advice and I count on her for that. We love to make each other laugh, and she has my back-what could be better?

Nancy can be a little bit shy when meeting new people, but once they get to know her, they love her. 

Meet Paul, by Nancy

Paul has been my BFF and my partner for 16 years. Paul is a great father. His work schedule is more flexible than mine, so he and Grant spend a lot of time together. I love to see the two of them together.   The two of them pal around on Saturdays, playing soccer and getting breakfast at the local diner. 

He’s sweet, considerate, thoughtful and endlessly supportive.  Paul is still as romantic and sentimental as he was before we were married.  He’s the master gift giver, always knows what I will love.  He has a rule of giving multiple cards for our anniversary, usually a funny one, a serious one, and a sweet one.

Paul is very smart, and he can figure out a plan for anything. Paul has a very logical approach to everything and is even tempered.  He’s a big picture guy, who wants to do things the right way to avoid confrontation.  But that doesn’t mean he’s a push over.  He will stand up for us and those he loves. 

Meet Grant

We brought Grant home when he was 5 days old and he’s the brightest part of everyday.  Grant is a very energetic, kind and easy-going little boy. He takes minute to warm up, but then he’s off.  He is equally happy to play with boys or girls, and is up for just about anything – Lego’s, playing in the kitchen, swimming, soccer, karate, dinosaurs, trains, cars and well, we might as well admit – he’s a boy and loves a good ole’ fashion sword fight (cardboard tubes from wrapping paper).  He loves movies and has watched Despicable Me 500 times (at least) – although his favorite part of the movie is probably popcorn!  Grant is also a festival lover.  Grant loves the rides, and really started to enjoy the roller coasters.  At Disney World he was finally tall enough to go on a big roller coaster, and he wasn’t even phased.  He went down the big hill and didn’t even flinch!  

In Closing

We hope that this glimpse into our family life shows you have much we have to share with the child that we are so eager to welcome into our family.

When we first brought Grant home, we felt a deep and instant connection with him. That has only grown deeper over time. Lucky for him, he also has roots in his birth family, and he knows that. We want our kids to know about their birthparents and the choices they made were made out of love for them.

It takes a lot of guts and heart to make a choice for your child’s future.  Your bravery is off the chart to even explore all the options available.  Lots of people could not and do not admit that there might be a solution for their child that involves a couple they’ve never met yet.

Thank you for considering adoption, and more importantly, reading a little bit about us. It’s a decision that takes a lot of thought. We take it as seriously as you do. We’ve been through it once, and we know what a great option it can be.

We’d love to meet you and learn more about you, your hopes, and aspirations.

We wish you comfort, peace and clarity during this time of soul searching.

All the best,


Fun facts

  • Nancy is from Cleveland and she grew up rooting for all the Cleveland teams.
  • Nancy studied ballet, tap and jazz for ten years. Paul’s trick for getting her out of a bad mood is to ask her to dance with him.
  • Nancy is known her for her amazing writing skills and her sharp wit. Every year when she sends out a hilarious Christmas newsletter. It’s so funny that some of her friends keep it up on their fridge for a full year until the next edition comes around to replace it.
  • Nancy is a prankster.  She’s been known to send a quality gift or two from “St.Nick” to a few lucky recipients.  Always good for a laugh.
  • Nancy is a part-time professor at a local college.  Helping students learn is a very fulfilling and exciting past time for her and she loves reading reviews on “Rate My Professor.”  Students rate her an A+!
  • Paul was a lieutenant in the Ohio Army National Guard.
  • Paul is a huge Chicago Bears fan. He goes to as many games as he can and he loves to tailgate.  His specialty is a sandwich that he calls “a combo.” It’s an Italian sausage with Italian beef on top.  It’s probably a heart attack in a bun, but it’s pretty delicious. 
  • Paul and his friend from law school started their own law firm.
  • Paul was born in Germany. 
  • Paul was in show choir in high school. We like to think he started the Glee craze. 

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