Since we adopted Zachary our lives have been filled with laughter and rich with experiences. We want to share our happiness with a new baby and that child will add to our joy. All three of us are excited to add a family member.

We hope this profile gives you an idea of what our lives are like. Please let us know if there is anything we can share that might make your decision easier.


Before Zachary was born we were a very active couple, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with our friends and family. With the addition of Zachary, our lives have expanded even more! Since we live in one of Chicago's most economically and racially diverse neighborhoods we have daily interaction with people from many backgrounds.

Our home is a haven in the city. We are a bike ride away from the beach and steps away from a local bakery where we enjoy breakfast with our neighbors on the weekends. During the warmer months we spend time playing in the yard. Adam barbeques dinner and Zachary enjoys picking the fruits and vegetables that Nicole grows in the back garden.  We have plenty of indoor play space so on cold days our art projects, Lego constructions, and train table pile-ups don’t interfere with parent/toddler dance parties.

During our free time we take classes with Zachary, travel to beautiful places and stay involved in our community. The key for us maintaining a happy balance is making our family the top priority. We have a large family -- some live nearby and others are far away. Every week we have a few visits with grandparents and every year we travel to visit those who aren’t local and have out-of-town family members stay at our home.

Adam describes Nicole

"I knew that my life with her would always be exciting.  Nicole is the love of my life and the most caring person I've ever met.  She is an attentive mother and will be a stay-at-home parent. Everyday she makes Zach and me laugh. She lives fully and goes out of her way to experience everything life has to offer.  She is passionate about art and design. When it comes to her family and friends, she adores them and she'll do almost anything for them. If you ever need someone to have your back, Nicole's the one!"

Nicole describes Adam 

"He is the kind of person that really takes care of his family.  He sends me flowers on special occasions and, if Zach and I are sick, Adam might take a day off to care for us. Adam is playful, and warm. He's incredibly kind and is always ready to listen and share good advice. These are all qualities that have made him an excellent and involved husband and father. Adam also has a great sense of humor. We enjoy spending a lot of time together playing with Zach, doing weekend projects, and cooking for friends and family."


Zachary's days are filled with music and imagination. He enjoys singing, playing instruments and making up new songs. He is incredibly social and might invite you to play farm with his toy animals or join him in a game of catch. Like most 3-year-olds, Zachary has a bit of a naughty streak. Sometimes he will even announce that he is going to be naughty! He wants to help in the garden, cook dinner and clean up. And the results are often a mess!


Like many families in the city, we are mixed race.  Our skin tone may not match, but our smiles do.

As parents, we stay aware of issues that could affect our child's life. Toys and books are chosen with diversity in mind. Zachary learns about world cultures at school and through day-to day experiences.

We seek out cultural opportunities that expose Zach to his own heritage: Black, Mexican, Irish, Polish and Serbian.  With our next child we also look forward to sharing new cultural experiences and meeting his or her racial peers.


Both of us came from families that grew larger and stronger through adoption so we knew it would be a wonderful way to build our family. When we suffered miscarriages and infertility we hoped that adoption would make us a family.

All of that pain faded when Zachary's birth family chose us to be parents. During the month before Zachary was born we got to know his birth mother. We were at the hospital for his birth and we continue to share updates, photos and enjoy our occasional visits. Our relationship is based on mutual appreciation and respect for one another. We feel that this amazing child exists because of all of us.

We will embrace whatever your decision is around openness and hope we can work together to make a plan that is best for you and the baby.


Our single-family house is well located in a diverse Chicago neighborhood, close to the lake and all the lakefront has to offer. We take full advantage of being within walking or biking distance to so many activities. Zach takes classes at the nearby art center, a music school, and park districts. There are lots of kid-friendly events in the local parks. We have also found community through adoption. Friendships have been formed or strengthened because we share our adoption journeys.


We appreciate you spending some time getting to know us. But we have much more to tell you about ourselves and we can't wait to learn about you! 

Fun facts

  • She spent an entire summer getting around Chicago only by bicycle. That year Nicole always ran late for meetings.
  • Nicole loves dancing to R&B, old school rap and funk music.
  • When she teaches at an art camp the kids learn to make cookie cutters. Then Nicole uses them to make cookies for the children to eat on the last day of class.
  • After college Nicole worked for Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit housing organization, renovating apartment buildings.
  • Nicole was in a choir for 6 years and she likes to sing. Now that Zachary is old enough, they make up songs together.
  • During a visit to Italy Nicole surprised everyone by getting a job at a Venice museum.
  • Nicole is sharing her love of travel with Zach. Only three and so far he has visited Arizona, California, England, Florida, Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota.
  • While attending high school in New York City Adam and his dad would volunteer to feed the homeless and would pass out sandwiches in the train stations.
  • One summer Adam worked as an usher at Wrigley Field. Go Cubs!
  • Adam plays Santa for his annual office holiday party. We hope that Zach doesn’t tell all the other kids that his daddy is Santa!
  • Adam overcame his fear of large dogs so Nicole could get the dog she always wanted.  Sadly, he died this year.
  • Nicole and Adam both love to snorkel but on a trip to New Zealand, Adam learned to scuba dive.
  • He loves spicy food. Adam can handle food prepared with really hot peppers.
  • Adam resolves conflict by doing a goofy you-are-right, I-was-wrong dance. That way everyone has a good laugh!


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