Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We realize that this is the most important decision that you will ever make. We hope this profile gives you a better idea of who we are.

We both shared a strong desire to be parents, and first connected through sharing our hopes for a future family. Now, we are on an amazing journey of expanding our family through adoption.



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We were drawn to Cradle because of its focus on the child and its commitment to open adoption. We're comfortable with any level of openness that you desire. We're excited about the idea that our bundle of joy could receive the love of everyone in their family circle and are flexible about creating the kind of relationship that you seek.

About Us

As a couple, we love to go to museums, zoos, the movies, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. Rayfield enjoys reading comic books and can tell you about each universe in a series. Nicole has dubbed herself as the "Crafting Queen." You can find Nicole creating something for the home or loved ones, with a hint of glitter on every project.

Nicole is currently a 4th-grade teacher in Chicago. Ray is currently a Group Manager for a technology firm. We both are committed to education and believe that providing an excellent education for our future child is one of our highest priorities. Our highest priority above all will be to provide a loving environment for our child, with all the support possible to give.

Before we met, we had multiple experiences with adoption. Rayfield has several cousins that he grew up with that were adopted. As for Nicole, she and her brother were adopted by their grandparents after their mother's untimely death.

Through our experiences, we've learned that family is created through love and not just through genetics.  Our plan has always been to grow our family through love, and we are in the plan leading us to the blessings of adoption.

About Ray (Told by Nicole)

I knew that I needed Rayfield in my life from the first time we met. He gave me the warmest hug, and I felt that I knew him for years. Rayfield has that effect on people, where people love being around him.  There are many reasons why people feel comfortable with Ray. Maybe it's his loud laugh that makes people automatically smile or his sense of humor that keeps you in stitches. It could be his kind heart that he is willing to help others much as he can or gentleness that he displays that gave him the title of "Chocolate Bear" from his friends.

Rayfield loves music. You can find him singing country, R&B, an oldie but goody, and rock in the same day. His voice is amazing, and he is karaoke favorite (even though he doesn't like karaoke that much). He is passionate about music, and he has helped others to follow their dreams in the arts.

One of the many reasons why I married Rayfield because I knew he would be an amazing father. I wanted to give my child the father that I always wanted and needed. I look forward to seeing Rayfield watching the latest Marvel movie, coaching little league, being a scout volunteer, and whatever else our child will need from him.

About Nicole (Told by Rayfield)

When I met Nicole in 2009, I knew that she was the one for me. No other woman could make me smile, laugh, and feel at home within 1 hour of meeting them. She has an outgoing spirit that is recognized by all of our friends and loved ones.

Nicole is very well known for her perseverance and determination in reaching her goals. She has persevered through the adversity of losing her mother at a very young age.Through her determination, she was able to achieve her goals in life.

Nicole has been a Godsend in my life. She has been a strong shoulder to lean on, and a helpful supporter in my endeavors. My favorite characteristics of Nicole is her self-less behavior towards others. I know she will be a great mother and will offer the best advice to our child. Whether we have a boy or girl, she will be the best friend, mother, and confidant that our child will adore. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I know she will be able to bring beauty into our child's world through her love and kindness.

Fun facts

  • Loves celebrating birthdays and pretty much EVERY event (favorite holidays Nicole's Birthday & "Treat Yo' Self Day")
  • Loves to visit reality tv locations (favorite visit Carlos Bakery: Cake Boss)
  • She's addicted to crafting and DIYs (Do IT Yourself)
  • Enjoys nature walks and hikes
  • Is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
  • Cruise-a-holic (a total of 9 cruises since 2010)
  • Favorite character Hello Kitty
  • Loves dressing up in costumes and being festive
  • Favorite color is “GLITTER” Nicole leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes
  • Played 8 years of football (4 years at collegiate level)
  • Has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City
  • Has performed in Backyard Semi-Pro Wrestling
  • Made it to the second round of American Idol
  • Has a very serious Comic book collection (library), categorized alphabetically by genre
  • Favorite Marvel Comic Character Spiderman
  • Has a growing wristwatch/timepiece collection (currently at 15)   

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