“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

- Forest E. Witcraft, teacher & scholar

Thank you for reading our adoption page. We understand that this process may come with many emotions, and hope to have the opportunity to meet you and begin to discuss our shared vision for what an open adoption may look like. We are passionate about becoming parents and know that we can make a good life for a child. 

About Us:

We met in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2004, and knew from a very early point in our relationship that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. From the very beginning, Jason was very organized and Patrick had a great sense of humor - two great qualities for parenting! Over time we have both become more flexible, both using our strengths to support one another as individuals and as a couple.

We are open and honest with one another, which is one of the ways that our relationship works. Like all couples, we have our challenges - but we always work through whatever comes our way by communicating and remembering that we love one another very much.

On September 1, 2013 we got married in front of 100 of our closest family members and friends. We both agree that it is one of the most special days of our lives. Now we look forward to adding to our family.

About Jason:

Jason loves movies, fitness, cooking, gardening, and being active in the community. He is constantly trying new things, exploring new places, and meeting new people. In his professional life, Jason works as a program analyst for the Office of Head Start, an early childhood program. He likes being busy but also having fun along the way. Jason can't wait to explore the world with our child.

About Patrick:

Patrick loves to try new food, travel the world, and meet new people. He enjoys running long distances to stay active, and loves to make and listen to music. These are all things that Patrick looks forward to sharing with our child. For as long as he can remember, education - both his own and for others - has been very important to Patrick. It is no wonder that he now works at a university as the dean of enrollment and student life.

Adventures & Hobbies:

We enjoy traveling the world and look forward to sharing that with our child. We have met relatives in Norway and have made friends in diverse locations such as China, France, Brazil, Italy, and Spain. One of the best parts of travel is meeting new people and trying new food.

Speaking of food: we love it! Growing it, cooking it, and sharing it. Every year Jason grows hundreds of tomatoes that we share with neighbors, friends, and family. Patrick loves to bake pies with blackberries from our backyard. We like to make our own dill pickles, pasta sauce, and salsa from our garden ingredients. We enjoy hosting dinner parties and backyard barbecues whenever we can.

Our house is filled with music and books. Patrick plays many instruments and Jason loves to read. We plan to introduce our child to both so they can explore their own interests.


Once we have a child, we are committed to making that child the center of our lives. We believe that children need lots of loving attention and plenty of chances to express themselves in the company of caring adults. We will make ourselves consistently available to our child, both mentally and physically. We believe that children need predictable routines and firm boundaries, but also need the ability to try things, chances to learn, and the opportunity to grow. We are committed to finding the right balance.  


An open adoption is the only way of becoming parents that we have considered. It is important to us that our child knows his or her full story right from the beginning. We envision telling our child as much information as we know, having photos of their birth family in our house, and answering as many questions as we can throughout our child's life. We are open to having contact throughout the child's life, including exchanging photos, phone calls, and visits. We want for our child to have whatever kind of contact with their birth family that we all decide is best for the child.

Thank You:

We believe that children should be at the center at home and in the community. We bring this perspective to child raising and it will drive our parenting style. Our attention, resources, and schedules will be focused on making sure our child has a rich and fulfilling life. We will be active participants in our child's schools and daycares to ensure that they have good experiences in the world at large. We know we can make a wonderful home for a child.

Fun facts

  • Has been to 18 countries on 5 continents
  • Loves to bake
  • Has run three marathons and about a dozen half marathons
  • Is a classically trained musician, has performed on numerous concert stages around the world, and has taught at a music festival in Brazil
  • Could watch the movie Steel Magnolias every day
  • Once met Tom Hanks and told him to make his own coffee
  • Loves mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • Favorite cuisine is Korean
  • Has loved growing plants since he was six years old
  • Has run four marathons, three triathlons, and is currently registered for a decathlon
  • Speaks Spanish and is learning to speak Norwegian
  • Is considered the family historian and has traced his roots back to the 1400s
  • Loves Hollywood, movies, and the Oscars
  • Is a self-taught gourmet cook but his favorite thing is Friday night pizza
  • Reads lots and lots of books
  • Ran into Oprah on Michigan Avenue and forgot his own name

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