Life is a journey and we all have different paths to follow.  One of the happiest moments of our lives was when our paths joined and our journey through life became one.  We are now sharing this journey with our son and looking forward to welcoming another child into our family.

We believe everything happens for a reason and that it was God’s plan that brought us to this place in our lives.  We met at work 18 years ago and immediately became great friends.  We were married 9 years ago and have enjoyed every moment together since.  Our joy increased dramatically when we adopted our son Nathaniel in February of 2013.  We are ready to adopt again and are open to becoming a multicultural family and taking advantage of the many culturally diverse programs offered through our community.  We both enjoyed growing up with brothers and sisters and want that for Nathaniel as well.  A strong foundation of family, morals and values and God’s love was emphasized in both of our families and we both feel strongly about it today.  We chose open adoption because we believe it is the best for our children and we want them to be proud of their adoption stories.   We hope to create an open relationship of pictures, letters and visits with their Birthparents that will be comfortable for everyone involved. 

About Mark…

Mark grew up in a suburb of Chicago with his Parents, 3 siblings and his Grandmother.  One of Mark’s fondest memories is walking home from school every day for a homemade lunch with his Mom and Grandma.  This is probably where Mark’s love of cooking began and he cannot wait to share his love of food and his cooking skills with our children.  He also loves the outdoors and nature and is very active running marathons, biking, hiking and camping.  He is good natured and funny and loves to make Nathaniel laugh.  They spend a lot of time together and because of that they have formed a very close father-son bond.   He is an incredible Dad in every way possible and Nathaniel loves him.

About Polly…

Polly grew up in a suburb of Chicago with her stay at home Mom and her brother and sister.  They all remain extremely close today and live near one another.  Her Catholic faith has always been an important part in her life and still is for both of us today.  She enjoys running and could spend hours working out in the yard on her flowers.  She also loves baking which is something that she learned from her Mom and cannot wait to do with our children.  By far her greatest joy is being a Mom to Nathaniel.  Snuggling with him, reading books, learning new words and trips to the water park and library now fill her days…and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Nathaniel…

We brought Nathaniel home when he was 2 weeks old and have loved caring for him and watching him grow and change.  He is now a happy toddler who loves to run, dance and read books.  He is intrigued by other kids and points out babies whenever he sees them.  He is inquisitive and adventurous and loves being outdoors as much as we do.  We look forward to him growing up with a sibling and having fun sharing their lives and adventures together.

About Us…

We are both firefighter/paramedics and enjoy helping people in their time of need.  We work on different days so one or both of us will always be home with our children.  We are blessed to spend lots of quality time with Nathaniel watching him grow and showing him love, family values and laughter in life.  We live in a suburb of Chicago in a 2 story farmhouse style home with 2 acres of grass and trees.  There are lots of kids in the neighborhood and a park with ball fields across the street.  As much as we enjoy being at home we are also true Chicagoans who love the city and are so proud of everything it has to offer.  We take advantage of the lakefront, neighborhoods, restaurants and cultural activities often.  We think it is important to live a healthy and active lifestyle and to teach our children to appreciate the differences in people and their cultures.  We love to travel and experience many different places in our country and throughout the world which helps to build this appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles.

Our Hope…

Our path through life may not have taken the exact direction that we thought it would but we are happy now and hopeful for what the future will bring.  We hope that our journey and yours will join together for the sake of our child.  We hope to see the joy that another child will bring to our family and especially the companionship and love that our children will bring to each other.  We hope to see the world through the eyes of our innocent children and help them grow to find joy and fulfillment in life.  We feel we are just a Mom and a Dad… hoping to find another child to love.  We also know that you are faced with such a difficult decision now and our hope for you is that whatever path your journey in life follows, you will find peace and happiness.


Mark and Polly

Fun facts

  • Polly loves pasta, pasta and more pasta…especially homemade!
  • Polly loves garden centers and finds it hard to drive by one without stopping.
  • Polly loves a good bargain and never likes to pay full price for anything.
  • Polly loves to sing along to songs even if she doesn’t know the words.
  • Polly took piano lessons for 3 years as a child but cannot play a note and wants to take them again.
  • Polly always sneezes at least 3 times in a row.
  • Polly hiked 100 miles around Mount Rainier carrying everything she needed in a backpack and it was her first time hiking or camping!
  • Polly ran the Chicago marathon twice.
  • Polly had a dog growing up and cannot wait to have another one… or hopefully 2!
  • Polly once rode in an elevator with John Travolta.
  • Mark loves to mow the lawn with his riding mower and Nathaniel loves to copy him with his little bubble mower.
  • Mark is extremely handy and can fix or build almost anything.
  • Mark ran the Chicago Marathon 3 times but only once with Polly.
  • Mark loves to read cookbooks.
  • Mark wants to visit all of our country’s National Parks.  He has already gone to Acadia, Glacier and Mount Rainier and hiked in all of them.
  • Mark’s brother works at Disney World.
  • Mark thinks he could win Dancing with the Stars if he could just get on the show!
  • Mark hiked 100 miles around Mount Rainier carrying everything he needed in a backpack.
  • Mark once worked fixing pools and hot tubs.
  • Mark rode his bike through the Canadian Rockies.

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