Hello, we are Andy, Rachel, Michayla and Asher.  We are thrilled to be on this adoption journey together and are all excited to welcome a new baby in to our hearts and our family. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile.  We understand that this must be a very difficult time for you as you explore your options.  We hope that you will see how much unending love and support we have for our family and friends.  We also hope that you see that we have much more love to give, and that we are ready and eager to share this with our future baby. 

Our Journey to Open Adoption:

We love raising our two children, Michayla and Asher.  However, we all feel that our family is not complete yet, because we all have more love to give to another baby.  Andy's aunt and uncle adopted Andy’s first cousin, Luke.  Watching Luke grow and thrive inspired us to discuss adopting a baby as well.  We made the decision to follow that path together for our third baby with our two older children.

We are choosing an open adoption because we want our adopted baby to grow up with a strong understanding of who they are, where they came from and that they were loved by their birth parent(s) and by us from the beginning of their lives.

If you choose us, we hope to continue building and maintaining a relationship with you by sharing pictures, milestone updates, and planned meetings.  We will also respect your wishes and we will honor your needs to help guide us through an open adoption relationship. 

This is the Beginning of Us:

We met in law school in Vermont during our mid twenties.  We both wanted to become lawyers to help people and the environment.  When we first met, Rachel thought we would probably just be friends, but Andy was very patient and persistent.  He would always focus on Rachel like she was the only one in the room.  He made her laugh, was intelligent, and was a good dancer-an added bonus. The more Rachel got to know Andy, the more she could not help but fall in love with him.  

While dating, we balanced our studies in law school with enjoying life in Vermont; hiking with Rachel’s dog, tubing in the river and skiing in the winter.

After graduating, we both moved to the Washington, D.C. area for 4 years.  Andy worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and Rachel obtained her first attorney job in the field of civil rights. 

Both of us enjoyed living near and working in D.C., but we decided to move closer to Rachel's family in the Chicago area and start growing our own family.

This is Rachel, written by Andy:

Rachel is the most caring and selfless person I know.  She is empathic with an innate intuition that has guided Rachel in the right direction throughout her life.  It was these qualities that were readily apparent when we met and quickly drew me to her.  It is why I fell in love with her.  Her genuine thoughtfulness and compassion with which she treated her friends and cared for her pets amazed me back then; and still does to this day.

When her friends and family need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, Rachel is always there.  No matter what is going on in her life, she stops to make sure others are ok.  It is an amazing and rare quality that she continues to show over these almost 20 years that I have known her.  When most people are sick, tired, or have stress, they tend to look inward until they feel better.  Not Rachel.  If the kids or I need something, she does what needs to be done for her family-no matter how tired she may be.  It is this quiet and everyday selflessness that makes Rachel so special.  She acts the way she does not for recognition, but because it is right.

Amazingly, the more stressful and crazy life becomes, the calmer Rachel becomes.  She is the rock of our family, my best friend and a fantastic wife and mother. 

This is Andy Written by Rachel:  

When you are with Andy, you are always with the real Andy.  He does not know how to be fake.  He would be the same person to you as he would to someone famous.  It was and still is very refreshing to me.

Andy is very selfless, although he does make sure that he makes the time to do things to be happy; allowing for a good balance.  He also has an amazingly positive attitude; every obstacle is treated as an opportunity.

He is truly comfortable in his own skin. He knows how to live in the moment and enjoys all the little things in life.  He listens to people and asks thoughtful questions.  He can make friends and converse with anyone, not by being a charmer, but by being himself and by being genuinely interested in others. 

Andy is a family man. Whenever he gets home from work, he engages with our kids immediately.  They run to him like they haven’t seen him in years.  He is also the first person to help a family member or friend, without thinking about how he is inconvenienced.   Andy is a wonderful father, husband, and best friend.

This is Michayla:

In 2008, we were blessed with Michayla Eve.  Michayla loves spending time with family, friends and neighbors.  Michayla also loves music and dance.  She started dance lessons at age 3 and continues to take dance classes and frequently performs.

Michayla is a very kind, nurturing, and intelligent girl.  She wants to fix everything and nobody is allowed to be sad or hurt on her watch.  She has empathy beyond her years.  We call her “mama Michayla” because she loves to take care of her little brother, cousin, and any baby in the neighborhood.  She has already started to be a “mother’s helper” to our neighbors and friends.  She can’t wait to have another baby sibling to help take care of and love.

This is Asher:

Three and a half years after Michayla was born, we had another baby, our son, Asher.   Asher is social, independent and very much into his daddy. 

Asher has always been gentle with younger children, babies and pets. His baby cousin loved him immediately and follows him around during visits.  

Asher has a great sense of humor and can light up the room with his smile and laugh.  He loves all sports; his favorites are soccer and basketball.  He enjoys playing baseball and football too.  He also loves to dance, loves math, and playing with his buddies. 

Michayla and Asher are very close.  We teach them that they are each other’s best friends in life, a lesson that we will also teach our future baby as well.  Asher is super excited to be a big brother and hopes it happens soon.

This is Theo:

We rescued Theo, our dog, from a local animal shelter when he was 4 months old.  Now he is 3 years old and is wonderful and gentle around babies and children.  He is 55 pounds of unconditional love, energy and playfulness.  He loves to cuddle! 

This is Our Home, Family and Our Community:

We both have close and supportive families that are super excited to meet our future baby.  Most of Rachel’s immediate family lives in the Chicago area and our kids frequently spend time with their cousins.  Rachel and her older sister, Michelle, have always been close.  Rachel loves her two nieces as if they were her own.  Although Rachel’s parents were divorced when she was a young girl, now her mom, step-mother, step-brother and dad are all friends/family.  Rachel’s step-brother, Ari, lives closer to Rachel’s mom and is sometimes the one she calls first when she needs help.

We are extremely close to Andy’s family too.  Although his sister, Robyn lives in England with her family, and Andy’s mother, Arlyne and her sister and family live in Florida, we enjoy frequent long visits where we stay at each other’s homes. This quality time with Andy’s family enables us to remain very close.

We live in a wonderful diverse Chicago suburb; a supportive community that includes multiple friends who have adopted children-many of which are multi-racial families.  We have good friends to get advice from and a community within which our future child will feel comfortable.  In fact, one of the reasons why we specifically chose to stay in this community was because we knew that no matter what race or ethnicity our future baby is, he or she will have peers and mentors of the same race and ethnicity.  An added bonus, we picked a location in between where Rachel’s parents and sister’s family live.

With growing our family in mind, we recently moved into a bigger home, which includes a tree house and a large fenced in yard, and a swing set complete with monkey bars, a slide, gymnastic rings, as well as a basketball hoop in the driveway.  We are still in the same neighborhood (3 blocks away) from our original house that we lived in for 12 years.

After knowing each other for almost 20 years, we are still very much in love and love raising our two children.  We are always honest and open about our feelings.  We naturally fall into a team approach to parenting.  Now, we await another child to enter into our hearts and become part of our family.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us.  Whatever you choose to do, we hope that you have all of the love and support that you need through this difficult decision and process.


From the bottom of our hearts,

Fun facts

  • Learned her best dance moves from watching “The Soul Train”, “In Living Color” and any music videos she could find

  • Started taking adult hip hop dance classes 22 years after being on her high school dance squad and performed hip-hop routines in front of her peers and kids for the last 3 years with other moms that love to dance

  • Loves nightly dance parties with the kids at home

  • Volunteers as son’s soccer coach

  • Loves going to the beach—grew up riding her bike there every chance she could

  • Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday-Rachel and Andy have hosted every year for the past 7 years-inviting both Andy’s and Rachel’s immediate families and extended family members and friends into our home

  • Her voice was used for a princess in one of the first animated video games that her dad co-created in the 1980s.

  • *Best friend was his dad, a Marine Vietnam veteran with an extremely positive mental attitude and very loving supportive

  • Is a certified scuba diver and loves to swim

  • Our friends want to camp with us because Andy knows how to do everything, and they feel safer with him helping them

  • Is a science fiction nerd when it comes to movies

  • Was a ski instructor for 3 years in Colorado before going to graduate school and meeting Rachel

  • Has an extremely positive outlook on life, sometimes it is annoying, but is also greatly needed at times

  • Is known to eat more than his weight shows-people are shocked that he can eat everyone’s leftovers on top of at least 4 meals a day

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