Thank you so much for taking a moment to take a peak at our life summed up in a nutshell. Throughout your decision making process, we want to send you love, hugs, prayers, continuous support, but most of all inner peace.

As you take a moment to get to know us, we hope you will see how much unconditional love we have to share with you and your baby. 

Connect with us

It is hard to believe that we have known each other for almost twenty years and have been married for seven years. We first met at a youth group event when we were in high school and instantly became friends. Our friendship strengthened while we were both going to college in Madison, staying on the phone way too late talking with one another about everything. We were friends for several years before we eventually realized that it was each other that we were looking for. Ultimately, we confessed our feelings and have been together ever since.

We enjoy taking long walks in our neighborhood, attending outdoor festivals, and going to the Chicago Botanical Gardens. We also enjoy going to theater, concerts, and Second City shows. We spend a lot of our free time with friends and family. We also have been lucky enough to travel together as a couple and look forward to taking special trips with our child.

Our path to adoption:

We took some time to decide that adoption was the right way for us to start our family. With that said, adoption as a way of starting a family is something that we have been aware of our whole life. We both had friends growing up who were adopted and Rachel has a few family members that have formed their families through adoption, many of which are bi-racial families. This is a large part of the reason why adoption became such a positive way to start our family.


We understand that “open” means different things to different people. We would want to work with you to figure out what means to all of us. Whether that ends up consisting of having visits together periodically, or simply texting or talking on the phone, we look forward to working with you to come up with the best plan for all of us. We also know that openness can change over time. Most importantly, we want you to feel empowered to be able to work with us to make those decisions.

Meet Mike, by Rachel:

Mike is an intelligent, witty, generous man with a wonderful sense of humor. He is strong, determined and up for any kind of challenge. I could not ask for a better partner. Without a doubt in my mind, I know he will make an amazing father. He will be extremely good at maintaining a wonderful balance of being serious as well as a goofball with our child.

Meet Rachel, by Mike

Rachel is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She always looks out for other people and always puts other peoples’ wants and needs in front of hers. She’s also quick to forgive. These qualities would make her a excellent mother. She will always put our child’s needs in front of her own and will show unconditional love to our child, no matter what. Rachel also has a slight obsession with cute animals, which I love about her. I look forward to Rachel sharing her love of cute animals with our child.

Home Sweet Home:

We live in a comfortable condominium with a spacious bedroom for the baby. Our home is often described as warm and cozy when we have visitors. Our neighborhood is safe and welcoming.

We look outside our window in the living room and have a great view of the park across the street. During the winter months, our town sets up an ice-skating rink in the park. During the rest of the year, there children are playing in the playground and there are always different activities going on, such as summer recreation programs and tennis competitions. While we walk through the neighborhood, we pass by several other parks, ice-cream shops, library, toy store, and family friendly restaurants.

We always say that we have the best of many worlds living in our community. First and foremost, this community celebrates diversity and openness through the several cultural festivals and events that occur every year. We also have the convenience of suburban life with some of the fun and opportunity that comes with city life as well.


We envision our household being full of laughter, fun, and learning together as a family. We are an open-minded liberal couple, and we will teach our child how to appreciate and learn about the world around them. This means being open to new ideas and experiences, as well as learning about their cultural roots and background. For example, this could mean anything from eating ethnic foods, to attending multi-cultural festivals in the community or watching films about different cultures. These are some of things that we already do as a couple and hope to pass them along to our child.

We also consider ourselves to be unique and special because we have both been raised Jewish. Some of the Judeo-Christian values that we would like to pass along to your child are: being kind, compassionate and respectful to other people. We want to teach them what it means to give back to the community.


Rachel plans to take a full maternity leave. After maternity leave, we will be taking advantage of child day care in the area while we both go back to work. Both of us have flexible work schedules and have the ability to work from home, so this will allow us to address any unexpected child care issues, such as illnesses. The other nice thing about Rachel’s job is that it is only located five minutes from our home, so Rachel will be in the same vicinity as the child’s day care. Our flexible schedules, combined with the option to have our parents babysit, will mean that our baby is constantly surrounded by the love of close family and friends.

We Promise:

  • To cherish your child and provide unconditional love
  • To give your child the tools she or he needs to succeed in life
  • That your child will know his or her adoption story
  • To shower your child with hugs and kisses every day and bedtime stories at night

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and out lives. We wish you the very best throughout your journey.

Fun facts

  • She has a large magnet collection with pieces from: traveling, musicals, favorite exhibits and foods.
  • She can hear one line from a cheesy romantic comedy from the other room and know which one it is right away.
  • She loves musicals and pretty much any television show with singing and dancing.
  • She has a love for animals. There is a particularly funny story that led to her especially liking raccoons.
  • He knew that he wanted to be an electrical engineer from the ripe old age of ten.
  • His Grandfather and Father were both electrical engineers and his Great-Grandfather owned an electrical contracting company.
  • He loves to complete puzzles.
  • He has always had a passion for nerdy hobbies such as taking apart computers.
  • He is extremely good at quoting television shows and his favorite movies.

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