Top 5 Reasons to Make an Adoption Plan with Us!

Hi! We're Rena, Noah, and Micah, and we are so excited to grow our family through adoption.

One of the first things people often learn about us is that we like to keep it real, so we thought we'd try to do that here: we don't know what you are feeling right now, but imagine that it's overwhelming and exhausting. We wish you strength and peace as you consider your choices, and know that whatever decision you make will be the right one and made out of love. And should it bring us into each other's lives more fully, then we know that we would be blessed and transformed by knowing you and your story.

For now, though, we understand that this part of the process is for you to learn more about us and our story. After our first date, Noah made Rena a list of the reasons they should go out again. It worked! So we figured, why not make a list of five reasons you should make an adoption plan with us? It may be a little unusual, but we think it's honest, and we hope it will give you a better sense of who we are, what is most important to us, what our life is like, and how we hope to incorporate adoption into building our family and community.

1. Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes, and We'd Love Ours to Be Bigger

A few months into our relationship, we learned that Rena was a genetic carrier for a rare disease that would make having a healthy child challenging. Despite the odds, we were blessed to have a biological son, Micah, who has transformed our lives completely. We have loved learning how to be parents, but as he has gotten older, all three of us have become increasingly aware of the empty chair at our table. Both of us have siblings, and they've been some of the most defining relationships of our lives; we want our children to experience that unique bond as well. Simply put, the three of us each have more love to share with another child/family member.

Unfortunately, Nature didn't conspire to help us beat the odds a second time. After two miscarriages and lots of heartache, we realized that what really mattered to us was having another child, not how we got there. As we learned more about open adoption, and spent more time with friends whose families were formed through adoption, we came to appreciate adoption as a path on which our family could grow in multiple, wonderful ways. We see adoption as a wonderful fit for the kind of family and community that we are forming, and we are incredibly excited and grateful to be continuing on this journey with you.

2. You'll Never Meet Someone as Fiercely Loyal or Disarmingly Honest as Rena

Although a petite 5 feet, this feisty Canadian definitely punches above her weight when it comes to organizing her (and other's) life, making people laugh, or taking the awkwardness out of uncomfortable situations. She grew up in Toronto and quickly fled to New York, where she took in all that city had to offer: theater, restaurants, fashion, tennis, and single life. A true New Yorker at heart, Rena combines brash honesty with deep loyalty like no one else.


3. Noah is a Perfect Balance of Snarky and Earnest

Those two qualities probably shine through more than any others when you first meet Noah; he is quick to tell a joke (not always a funny one) and he wears his heart on his sleeve. A patient and thoughtful listener, he chose to pursue a career in intercultural and interreligious education, helping different communities learn how to cooperate together. Simultaneously a perfectionist and somewhat absentminded, sometimes it takes Noah a longer time to get stuff done, but it also means that when it's time to play Legos on the floor, that's all that he's doing (even if there isn't a kid to play with).

4. Openness

One of the first insights we had into both adoption and openness was that neither of us have ever understood love and loyalty to be about genetics. Our loved ones are a mixture of people who have loved and formed us throughout our lives, and for whom we would go to the ends of the earth. We would therefore love the chance to welcome your family into our extended community, but also don't want to presume what level of relationship you or your family would want. We like the idea that your child could maintain a connection to his/her full story, all the way back to birth, and our belief in openness is a commitment to talk to your child about his/her birth parents and how he/she came into our family. We would enjoy sharing updates with you, either in person or through other means, to the extent that you'd like.

5. Our Approach to Parenting

One of the things we've learned is that just when you think you've figured your kids out, they change on you, so not much else remains constant. In every stage, we've tried to meet Micah where he's at developmentally and emotionally, and we would do the same for any future kids. Noah has really enjoyed the "why?" stage, as it allows him to share all of his random knowledge, and Rena is about the cuddliest mom you'll ever meet. It's important to us that our kids develop similar values to ours: kindness, generosity, the importance of friends, family, and community.

We hope that in our own, zany way, we've expressed how excited we are to grow our family through adoption, and, more than anything, how much love we have for another child. We're sure there are a million things going through your mind these days. We really want you to know that we simply wish you the best as you determine what is right for you and your child. If our lives up until now have taught us anything, it's that you can never really know what lies around the bend, but if you listen to your heart, it will rarely lead you astray.

Wishing you strength and peace, and sending our deepest love,

Fun facts

  • Has traveled to over 50 countries
  • Will eat anything pickled
  • Held onto her security blanket until she was 30, and would take (and hide) it on work trips
  • Ran the New York City marathon
  • Is an avid professional tennis fan
  • Has a sister who lives in Israel as a tour guide
  • LOVES the bachelor(ette)
  • HATES paying for parking, and will go to remarkable lengths to avoid it
  • Spent six months living in Morocco
  • Loves cooking and is especially proud of his homemade tomato sauce
  • Ran through Buckingham Fountain with his high school girlfriend
  • Always has music on in the background
  • Is a big Harry Potter/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings fan
  • Cries in movies (any movie)
  • LOVES popcorn
  • HATES umbrellas, and refuses to use them 

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