“They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart.”

- Unknown

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us.  We admire your courage and bravery to possibly choose an adoption plan for your child.  We understand that you want the best for your child, and we are excited to offer them our unconditional love and an opportunity to thrive in a loving and caring home.  In this profile we hope to give you a glimpse into the happy life and all the love your child will be provided.  We hope as you read about us, you feel that special connection with us and consider us as an adoptive family for your child.

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About Us

We met 5 years ago on Eharmony and knew instantly after our first date this was going to be a long lasting relationship.  8 months after we met, we were engaged on a horse and carriage ride in New Orleans’ French Quarter, and 9 months after that we were married on a crisp December day.  We have a loving and supportive marriage and communicate well with each other.  We have always dreamed of being parents and shortly after we were married we were ready to start our family.  However, we encountered problems conceiving.  The challenges we have gone through to have a biological child have made us stronger as individuals and as a couple.  We now know that adoption is our path to start a family of our own and we are excited to become parents.  We have so much love to give and hope to have the opportunity to share that love with a child.

 Together, we fill in the gaps on traits and characteristics we are not strong with and that makes us one strong unit in our relationship.  We love to laugh together and have fun.  We are big Disney fans and make a yearly trip to “the happiest place on earth”.  Robin likes to bake (usually cupcakes are her choice), and Mike likes to cook.  He makes awesome steak tacos!  On a Saturday afternoon we like to walk along the riverwalk, go to a local coffee shop, or go to the movies.  We also like to spend time with our family and friends, and look forward to spending as much time with our nieces and nephews as we can.  Life has been thrilling, exciting, and full of love.  But after all is said and done, we feel there is something that is missing from our lives that would complete it…a beautiful child to share all this with.


Our primary goal is to do what is best for the child and make sure they know that they were loved from the very beginning.  We appreciate the options of open adoption, and understand that open can mean many different things to each person and that openness can change over time.  Should you choose an adoption plan that includes us, we are open to working with you to establish the level of openness that would make everyone involved feel most comfortable with respect to your wishes and privacy.  This could be anything from meeting, to simply texting or using social media to communicate.

Parenting & Childcare Plans

We have similar views on parenting so there will be balance and stability in how our child is cared for.  We both grew up with similar backgrounds and values and we hope to instill these values with our child so they can grow up being the best person they can.  We want them to become their own individual person, so we will support them in any way we can.  Religious faith is an important part of our lives, and we will bring our child up with the teachings and values taught by the Catholic Church.   We will be able to provide a child a good home with financial stability, plenty of opportunities and of course, a ton of love. 

Our child will be surrounded by loving extended family and friends as well. Robin plans to stay home from work for the first three months to bond with our child and watch them grow.  Mike will work from home as often as he can during this bonding time.  Once Robin goes back to work, we plan on using the same family friend home daycare that our niece & nephew currently go to and is near where Robin works.  This would allow the cousins to grow up together and develop a strong friendship.  Both sets of grandparents are retired now and would love to spend as much time with our child as possible.  This would mean that our child will always be surrounded and cared for by close family and friends.

Our Family

We both grew up in the Chicago suburbs with our loving families and we remain very close to them today.  We each have one sibling who are both happily married as well as three nieces and two nephews.  Mike's family is local (in the western suburbs of Chicago), but Robin's family is spread throughout the country.  Robin's parents currently reside in Gulfport, Mississippi (less than an hour and a half from New Orleans) and her brother's family lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  While visiting her parents (which we do once or twice a year) we always make it a point to travel to New Orleans and the beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama.   We love vacationing with our families.  Most recently we traveled to Niagara Falls with Robin's parents and had a really enjoyable time.  We have also been to Northern Wisconsin with Mike's parents for some fishing and relaxation. Our families cannot wait to welcome a new grandchild, niece, nephew, or cousin into their lives!

Our Neighborhood

We currently reside in the western suburbs of Chicago.  It is a very family oriented community with easy access to parks, pools, sport fields, and other fun activities for children.  Our condo association even has a pool and tennis courts right across the street from our home.  We live about one mile from the downtown area of our suburb, so we are within walking distance of all the city has to offer.  We are also within walking distance of the grade school, middle school, and high school in our area, which we hope to one day be walking our child to school there.

Thank You

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you.  We understand that this is a big decision and we are grateful that you have taken the time to learn a little about us.  We hope you found some comfort knowing how much we would love and care for your child if you decide that adoption is the best plan for you and your baby.  Thank you again and we wish you the best throughout your journey.


Fun facts

  • Started playing piano in 3rd grade and played through college.
  • Played clarinet in high school and was in marching band                                                    
  • Favorite season is Fall                        
  • Favorite TV show is The Voice
  • Favorite music is country
  • Worked as an intern at Hines VA for a year
  • Loves to make cupcakes
  • Loves to shop for bargains & uses coupons
  • Went to Germany for 3 weeks in high school as an exchange student 
  • Been playing golf since age 12.  Used to work at a golf course in college and got paid to watch grass get watered.
  • Favorite holiday is Christmas
  • Went to South Africa in 2012 for work
  • Worked at the same company as my dad for 5 years
  • Favorite TV show is Marvel Agents of SHIELD
  • Favorite music is Rock and Country
  • Favorite color is blue

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