We know you will be making a lot of big decisions over the next few months and should you decide to place your baby for adoption, we hope that you might accept us as parents.

We think about what it would be like to be parents every single day. Having children and growing our little family is something we’ve both wanted for a very long time. Since we are adopting, we also think about our child's birth mom quite a bit. Not just the big questions like why she chose adoption, but the small stuff too: what’s her best friend’s name, what drives her nuts or get her really excited? If we are being honest, we worry too. What if she doesn't like us, or decides she doesn't want an open relationship in the future?

At the end of the day, nothing needs to be perfect. We are ready to embrace it all, and make this leap of faith together. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile as you weigh your options.

Why We Want To Adopt

Adoption is our first choice. After 11 years in love we got married and bought a home. We don’t work crazy hours but we have good jobs, we aren’t rich but we travel and have great families. However, something is missing. We feel it when we are running around playing tag with Jason’s nieces or when we see a tired toddler sleeping in his mother’s arms despite the loud supermarket around him. Basically, we just really, really, really want to be dads!

We are full on baby crazy. We find ourselves drifting over to the kids section at Target just to look, or stopping on the street to ask a child in a Flash costume how fast he can run and who was the last villain he defeated. Eventually we want two children, both adopted, so our kids have a sibling to share feelings and experiences with.

Our Home And Community

Our home is on a quiet side-street that ends at a huge park with a couple playgrounds. We have two rooms in our house that we’ll convert into a nursery and a playroom. Each room has 12 windows that look out into trees. The playroom will have toys but it will also be full of crayons, rolls of paper, play-dough, paint and some musical instruments.

Our Home life is:


~Books at bedtime

~Walking to Lake Michigan

~Breakfast burritos

~Nature walks

~Cinnamon rolls

~Bike path

~Fireplace in winter

~Family dinner


~Staying in and watching movies on a Friday night

~homemade meals

~Playing the piano

~family coloring/drawing sessions

~putting your elbows on the table

~cuddles on the couch

~Art made by friends

~tickle fights

Ryan as a parent (by Jason)

Sometimes I jokingly call Ryan “the responsible one” because he makes the household budget and is already talking about saving for the baby’s college fund, but around our nieces he’s the “fun uncle” who will horse around, tossing them around and making them giggle. He’s also a total softie: he is the kind of guy who will go out in the rain to get a brownie at my favorite bakery when I’m sick.

Ryan is so easygoing about almost everything. Laid back, the dude takes stress from no one. Ryan’s world can be a center of calm, and I love to visit him there. He was a teacher for 10 years and it shows. Unlike me he is so patient when teaching Grandma to use the internet. I know he’ll be the same way with our kids. I can’t wait to see him become a dad.

Jason as a Parent (by Ryan)

Jason will be the parent who will worry non-stop, who will make sure that child is well fed, well read, and safe. I know this because this is basically what he has been doing for me for the last 12 years. He does all the things I forget to do. Like putting fresh pillow cases on my pillows or buying things before we run out. When Jason sees that I’m stressed out over a work project, he’ll just come up behind me as I’m at my computer and just give me a massage. It always calms me down. I could go on forever, he does tons of little things that just make your day better.

One way Jason shows love is by keeping people safe and watching out for them. If we are going on a boat he asks about life jackets. When it's cold out he reminds me to take gloves. He tells me I'm standing too close to the fireworks (even though I wasn’t). As a dad I see him being the same way. To be loved by Jason is to know that he always has your back and is always thinking about you.


We are ready to come together around this baby with you and trust that we can all be in this place together, solving things together, learning about each other, and let our relationships evolve over time. We would like to build an open relationship with you, to the amount you are comfortable with, letting you choose the pace.

 In our home, openness looks like:

~Keeping a lifebook of adoption memories so the child feels connected to his or her past

~Having photos of the child's birthparents at home

~Having friends who are also part of adoptive families

~Sharing photos, texts and Facebook posts between our family and yours

~Talking openly and honestly about our own family histories

~Talking honestly about being adopted, and being proud of that

~You telling your story to the child when you’re ready

~Feeling our feelings about adoption

~Being a supportive family no matter what, because a family is forever

Our Childcare Plan

Ryan is a website designer and Jason is an art curator. We have flexible hours and can work from home. Once the baby comes we are both going to work part-time and trade off days with the baby. We’ll plan to need a nanny only one day a week. Weekends we spend together doing fun things. We have good, stable jobs, and all the love in the world to give.

Fun facts

What is the last thing you made with your hands that you’re proud of?

Jason: Homemade granola bars
Ryan: A tote-bag I sewed as a going away gift for a friend

Where do you want to go on our next family trip?

J: Cabin in the woods
R: Barcelona, Spain. The buildings look so cool

I take care of…

J: Houseplants and cats and the details
R: Bills and cats and the big picture

What is your most embarrassing moment? For real. 

J: Getting taken home in a police car when I was a teenager. Dumb!
R: Telling my boss what I really thought of him, and then having to quit before he fired me 

If you were not in the arts, what would be your alternate career?

J: Chef, because I love healthy eating but also cookies
R: Therapist. Sometimes I felt like one as a teacher 

What is a value you want to pass on to our child?

J: Live and let live
R: Treat others how you want to be treated

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

J: More gay role models
R: Grow up in an urban environmen

Favorite TV show

J: Antiques Roadshow, I’m a dork like that!
R: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, duh

Favorite toy as a kid:

J: Lego’s
R: Barbies

Favorite place in Chicago:

J: The beach next to our home
R: The bird sanctuary at Montrose Pier

My superhero power would be:

J: Ability to read minds
R: Time travel

First job:

J: Subway, as a sandwich maker
R: Flower shop. I lied and told the owner I was 16 to get the job but was only 15 

If I won the Lotto…

J: Buy a huge farm for rescue dogs and cats
R: Share with my family so we could all quit our jobs and travel!

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