THIS is our happily ever after!  Through the highs, the lows, and everything in between, we are beyond blessed to be part of this amazing story and are so excited for the next chapter to begin!  We are Sacha, Lee and Alex and we’re very thankful to you for taking the time to learn more about us.  We are thrilled to be on the journey of adoption again and are so looking forward to the blessing of adding another little person into our lives.

Our story together began way back in high school.  Lee was so bored with high school that he actually left a year early in order to start college.  Lucky for us, he was in his first year at Washington University in St Louis when Sacha interviewed there for a scholarship.  Lee made her laugh all through the visit and our forever friendship was born.  20 years later, we finally figured out what a wonderful match we were for one another and tied the knot in 2008.  Soon after we were married, we discovered that although we would not be able to create children on our own, we could still create a family through adoption.  The more we learned about the adoption process and the work of The Cradle, the more we came to believe that this was the path for us. 



We adopted a family motto last year that we use as a touchstone for making decisions, solving problems and treating one another:  “Our family stands for kindness, love and respect.”  Whether it means respecting your toys, or showing love and kindness by sharing a hug, this motto has worked its way into our family life and has helped us to model the kind of behavior for our son that we are so proud to see him demonstrating.  We strive to model for Alex that life is a blessing to be cherished and that each new day holds an opportunity to be your best, share your gifts, laugh out loud, grow from mistakes and sing like no one is listening!  We’ve even developed a tradition at the dinner table of asking one another “what was the FAVORITE part of your day?” since it reminds us each that no matter how bad, there is always something to be grateful for.  These are the things that keep us grounded.

Respecting the wishes of Alex’s birth mother, we do not have a relationship with his birth parents, but consider them to be an honored part of our extended family.  We’ve kept them present in our family circle by talking openly about their importance in the creation of our family.  We would love to have a relationship with you, but will respect your  needs and wishes.  Either way, we will do our best to make sure that this child knows that they were loved and that you wanted only the best for them.


I grew up outside of New York City, where my extended family still lives.  Growing up, my mother and father, both Haitian immigrants, were stern, but extremely loving.  They set high expectations for my sister and me and instilled in both of us a belief that we could be and do anything!  I feel blessed to have had such great parenting role models who continue to shower me, my husband, and their grandson with tons of affection and support.  I love that my flexible career as a law professor allows me to spend so much time with Alex, especially during summers and holiday breaks.  I consider being Alex’s mom the greatest privilege with which I’ve been blessed and am eternally grateful to Alex’s birth mom for having selected us to raise this awesome little man.  


I grew up outside of St. Louis with parents from very large southern families who passed on to my brother, sister and me both a desire to serve others and a deep commitment to family.  These values moved me to choose a career in healthcare aimed at helping others.  They have also inspired me to prioritize family and set aside time to help Alex grow into a strong, caring individual who knows how to give and receive love, support and respect.  Sacha would say that I am patient, funny, and affectionate dad and Alex claims that, besides giving great piggyback rides, I make the best homemade pepperoni pizza!  I have always wanted to be a dad and cherish the experience of watching Alex develop into his own little person. 


Alex is a thoughtful, curious and loving five year old.  He is kind and sensitive, and sometimes wise beyond his years (like when he reminds us of our family motto!)  He  takes great pride in helping out around the house, especially when it comes to taking care of his dog, Simon – our 5 year old spaniel.  His favorite request is “Will you play with me?” which we both find to be an invitation too enticing to pass up.  Most weekends are spent building things with Legos, visiting museums, parks and other fun places in the city and reading lots (and lots) of stories.  We know that Alex will be a protective, caring and amusing big brother who will enjoy passing along to a sister or brother those important life lessons (like how to eat an ice cream cone and how to ride a two wheeled bike!)


We live in a townhome in a fairly diverse neighborhood in the northwest part of Chicago. We have a racially, ethnically and socially diverse group of friends, both in the city and across the country.  Our faith life is important to us and we strive to pass this love for God along to our children. We have a supportive and inclusive church community with lots of programs for young families.  We chose a diverse, nurturing and supportive private school for Alex where teachers, staff and other parents and peers have become part of our community too.  We delight in seeing him blossom there and look forward to the same for our next child.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile.  We imagine that it must be very difficult to sift through all of the information presented to you and hope that we’ve provided a good enough glimpse into our lives for you to get a sense of who we are, what we value, and what we can offer to any child who will join our family.   We wish you only the best in your journey through this process.


Fun facts

  • Ran a marathon when she turned 30 years old just to try something new!
  • Has been on safari in Africa (and loved it so much that she started saving to take her whole family on safari one day!)
  • Lived for one year in Paris, France
  • Has visited 35 states, just like her hubby!
  • Speaks fluent French (and even started dreaming in French when she lived there!)
  • Tries to find something to laugh about at least once a day.
  • Has been working continuously since his paper route job at age 10!
  • Had a pet horse, named Nellie, when he was a child (who lived on his grandfather's farm)
  • Has visited 35 states (and plans to visit the other 15 with his kids!)
  • Is a BIG fan of Christmas movies and gathers his family around him to watch each and every one of them in the weeks leading up to the big day
  • Has been on TV in a few commercials
  • LOVES (like, really, really loves!) roller coasters.


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