What do you get when you mix love, laughter, fun and family and let it cook for 16 years?  You get one strong, dynamic duo.  Hi, we are Sara and Dave.  We are excited to tell you a little about us, our family, friends and home.  We are grateful that you are taking the time to read about us.

Sara is a special education teacher who works with high school students with intellectual disabilities.  She enjoys activities in the water like swimming and kayaking, along with cooking, crocheting, and gardening.  As a teacher she looks forward to helping her future daughter or son explore her or his interests like Sara's parents did when she was a child.  She is eager to become a mom and spend afternoons in their big backyard, weekends at the pool, and summers full of mommy and me classes.  

Dave is a general manager at a local family friendly restaurant.  He enjoys entertaining, cooking, and watching sports.  He is excited to start taking his future son or daughter to sporting events and cheering them on the sideline at their own games, plays, or recitals.  As a dad he is eager to have large family and friends get-togethers so his daughter or son can play with their friends and cousins, and to create cooking traditions, such as Sub Sandwich Sundays, like he had with his dad.

We have been together for 16 years and have known each other for 19!  As a couple we enjoy spending time together and can't wait for the new addition to our family. 

We live in the far Northwest side of Chicago in a single-family house in a family friendly neighborhood.  We were pleased to find a part of the city that feels just like the suburbs!  When searching for our new home, we wanted to find a neighborhood where our child could ride their bike to the park safely, where they would have a diverse group of friends, and where they would go to a high quality school.  The local elementary school is rated Tier 1, which is the highest rating in CPS.  The local library is right next door to the school and you can walk to both within 3 minutes.  Our home has 4 bedrooms and the baby's room is already ready to go!  There is a large backyard and an attached garage with enough space for toy bikes, balls, and toys.  Right now we live with our two cats, Schmo and Little Kitty.  Both are super friendly cats and we can't wait watch our child grow up in our new home with plenty of pets, family and friends.

We hope to be an active family, taking trips to the local playgrounds, water parks, etc.  We also are excited about the possibility of going on kid friendly trips during the summer and school breaks.  Dave keeps looking at brochures for Disney World and planning our future trips.   Although there are many things we want to do as a family, we also can't wait for the small pleasures that come with parenthood.  We look forward to our child’s first smile, their first steps, their first words, and rediscovering the world though their small, fresh eyes.  We want our child to have a happy childhood as we both had with our families and can't wait make memories for them that will last forever.  Becoming parents has been a long road for us.  After trying to get pregnant for years, we came to the realization that becoming parents was more important to us than the experience of pregnancy.  Adoption was an easy choice, especially with the support of our two families. 

Friends and family have always been an important part of our lives and will be part of our child's life too.  Sara's family is small, very tight knit, and she speaks with her mom, dad or brother daily.  Dave's family is much larger and they meet up regularly for fun get-togethers and holidays.  Both families are so excited for us to bring our new baby home.  Since we have been together for so long, we have collected a lot of the same friends along the way.  Most of our friendships are 10+ years old and we can truly say that these friends are family.  We have been through many different experiences together growing up, starting careers and now starting families.   Right now at least 8 of our friends have children under 4, which means that everyone is in baby mode! 

When we first started learning about openness in adoption, we had a lot of questions.  Then we began taking classes at The Cradle and learned how important it was to our child's life and our family.  We started talking with family members who had gone through adoption and talked more in depth about openness and how it shaped their family.  We want our child to have a positive experience with being adopted and are open to phone calls, emails, sending pictures and meeting. 

We thank you for taking the time to read about us, and hope you want to find out a little more!


Fun facts

  • Sara was born to be a teacher and loves every minute in the classroom, even the tough ones.
  • Her parents swear she was born half fish as she took to swimming the first time she was in a pool.
  • She likes crocheting little monsters and stuffed animals for gifts.
  • Sara enjoys doing DIY projects.  This summer she refinished both two sets (a girl and a boys) of children's bedroom furniture that have been in her family for generations.  Both are ready to be used in the nursery. 
  • She let her brother convince her to go on a super adventurous vacation where they kayaked the longest open water kayaking trip in the world. 
  • Sara loves eating food from different cultures.  Her favorite food at age 8 was pad thai!
  • Sara hopes to one day have a pet chicken named Bock Bock as she fell in love with chickens when vacationing in Kauaii. 
  • He has a distinct and hilarious laugh that is contagious
  • He once cooked 300 turkeys for Thanksgiving. 
  • As a kid, he was a BMX big wheel champion.
  • Dave loves to come up with fun matching costumes for Sara and him to wear each Halloween. 
  • He came up with the idea for a snackadium and dessert dome and is now brainstorming how we can make a bacon blimp for the next Super Bowl.
  • Planned a surprise trip to Punxsutawney so Sara could experience Groundhogs Day just like Bill Murray did in her favorite movie.  He even got us up on stage to be the first to take our pictures with the groundhog Phil. 
  • He has cooked for both President Obama and President Clinton. 

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