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Sarah & Danny

Hi. We are Danny, Sarah, Teddy, and Calvin, two parents with loving hearts and a caring home, and two kids who cannot wait for another (the final) sibling. We are honored that you are looking at our profile and hope that, whether you decide to make an adoption plan or parent your child, you find peace and support in your decision.

Our Story

It Began With The Number 3

We were friends first, but one Chicago night, we found ourselves single and sitting next to each other at a late night comedy show. The show opened with everyone counting down from their favorite number. As people around us shouted, “10, 9…” or “52, 51…” we both started yelling, “3, 2…” by the time we got to “1,” our eyes locked, we laughed, and we knew.

Our Life Today

Now, nine years later, we have built our life together around our family of four. We adopted our two amazing kids—Teddy (5) and Calvin (3)—when they were babies. With both children, we fell in love with them instantly; we didn’t need them to look like us in order for that to happen. On any given day, you can find us walking to school, playing at our neighborhood park, or eating dinner together at home. We also love to take advantage of everything this vibrant city has to offer with museums, theatre, and professional sports. Our kids’ favorites are Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Children’s Theatre, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Meet Sarah by Danny

Sarah is the love of my life, and I am a better person because of her. We balance each other and have become great teammates as parents. My love for her has only grown since she became a mother. My heart melts when I see the way she looks at our kids and they way they look at her. She works in the artistic office of a local theater and is passionate about the power of theater to affect people’s lives. She is the creative heart of our family and the best baby cuddler I know.

Meet Danny by Sarah

Danny is my partner and my soulmate, and I cannot imagine a better person to raise a family with. He is a total “fun dad” who gets down on the floor to wrestle, and he gives the best hugs after someone falls down. Danny works hard as a hospital administrator, and I know he takes a lot of pride in being able to provide for our family.  He is practical and strong—the rock of the family—where I am emotional and spontaneous—the heart. In this way, we balance each other. And he is great with babies, which is, you know, so hot.

Meet Teddy

Teddy is our little performer. He loves all things theatre, dance, and DRAMA. He has a tender heart and feels everything deeply. We’ve been talking about emotions since he was very small. Now that he is in kindergarten at our neighborhood school, we are so proud of how he handles himself and how much he is learning.  Teddy really wants to be a big brother (again) and has a lot of ideas about how he will help take care of the baby.

Meet Calvin

Calvin is total ham. He loves being silly and making everyone—especially Teddy—laugh. Calvin also loves baseball and golf, really anything where you hit a ball.  He goes to a small preschool and spends most of his days playing with friends. Calvin’s go-with-the-flow attitude means, we think, he is a great candidate for middle child. He’s excelling as a little brother, but we can also see him as a loving and protective big brother.

Why Adopt Again?

We originally pursued adoption because Sarah has Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition that affects her joints. After having many conversations with doctors about the risks—mainly having to go off of the medication that keeps Sarah active and pain-free—we made the decision to pursue adoption instead of pregnancy. Now, we are ready to add one more to our crew, the baby of the family. A baby who will be doted on and loved deeply by their older siblings and parents (and grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles---we’ve got a big family).

Having two Black children, and being an interracial couple with a multiracial family, means that culture is very important to us. We want our children to grow up to be confident Black people who feel comfortable in their skin. We know we’re not perfect, but we can promise to work incredibly hard to expose all of our children to the many rich, cultural experiences living in Chicago provides, that give them a sense of pride in their race.

Fun Facts

  • Was born on her Grandmother’s 60th birthday
  • Always brings homemade dessert to big, family gatherings
  • Once wrote a daily blog about having fun
  • Claims to be a vegetarian but sneaks fried chicken sandwiches
  • Gets really competitive at game night (and usually wins)


Childhood Favorites…

  • Cereal: Cap’n Crunch
  • Cartoon: He-Man
  • Game: Street Hockey
  • Is the first person in his family born in the US
  • Has been known to do the Carlton on dance floors
  • Has seen every episode of The West Wing at least twice
  • Always sings Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at karaoke
  • Won the 5th grade spelling bee


Childhood Favorites…

  • Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Cartoon: Duck Tales
  • Game: Backyard Baseball

"Sarah & Danny" Family Photos

  • Entrustment ceremony on Teddy’s adoption day
  • Calvin’s adoption day
  • Our first trip to Disney World
  • Cousins ages 24-2
  • Matching Christmas jammies with Sarah’s family
  • Making our own candy bars for Halloween
  • We read together every day
  • Cousin playtime
  • We try to go to a Cubs game every year
  • One of our favorite local artists
  • First Day of School pics are a must
  • Selfie at our neighborhood high school’s homecoming game
  • At the Bud Billiken parade with Uncle Phil
  • Scooting around the neighborhood
  • Friend dinner parties are the best dinner parties

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