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Scott & Andrew

Hi!  We are Andrew and Scott (and Woodrow the dog).  We have a home filled with laughter and love and adventure that we hope will be a wonderful place for a child to grow and learn and be happy.

Our Story

We met about 15 years ago and quickly discovered that we had a lot in common.  We both loved spending time with our friends and family, exploring our city, and quiet moments at home reading, listening to music, or watching tv.  In 2018, we got married at the Chicago lakefront - a special spot for us - with Andrew's dad who is a pastor performing our ceremony.

About Scott

Scott grew up in Des Moines, Iowa.  He moved to Chicago after college to be closer to family and to teach elementary and middle school. After teaching for four years, Scott wanted a new challenge and went to law school.  On weekend mornings, Scott can often be found walking our dog Woodrow along the lake path with a cup of coffee. He is hoping to add a stroller to those walks!

About Andrew

Andrew grew up in Decatur, Georgia.  He got a master’s degree in education and is now a high school math teacher.  Andrew can often be found working on a crossword puzzle on our back deck, and he looks forward to having a little person to play math games with. 

Our Family

Family is the most important thing to both of us, and there are lots of important traditions for both of our families. Scott's brother David and his wife Kathryn live about a mile from us and we have standing Sunday family dinners together. Andrew's sister Lucy lives with her partner Josh in Brooklyn. They are parents to our niece Eloise and our nephew Jackson. We try to spoil them with ice cream each time we see them.  All of our parents are excited to welcome a new grandchild! 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and the home we hope to create for a child.  We can promise that we will offer a loving home and will always try to do the right thing for them. 

Andrew & Scott

Fun Facts

  • Would happily spend all day in the kitchen cooking and baking.
  • Played soccer through college.
  • Has started making crossword puzzles and hopes to one day get one published in the New York Times.
  • Loves art, photography, and design.
  • Garden and plant enthusiast.
  • Has led student tours to the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon.
  • Went to college in California to escape winter.
  • Has run six marathons including the Boston Marathon.
  • Studied abroad in Spain and spent a summer working in Nicaragua.
  • Loves tv, especially comedies (my favorite show is 30 Rock).
  • Really does not like winter, at all.  But I love Chicago so I put up with it.
  • Once got lassoed by a cowboy as part of an NBA half time show.

"Scott & Andrew" Family Photos

  • Tired after both running the Chicago marathon
  • Traveling in Japan
  • With Scott’s parents after the Cubs game
  • At the beach
  • Scott doesn’t like heights!
  • With our niece and nephew getting ice cream!
  • With Andrew’s sister and family
  • With Scott’s parents, brother, and his wife
  • Biking
  • At the Cubs game with Scott’s brother and his wife
  • At the beach with Andrew’s family
  • Picnic with our parents
  • Another one on the coast
  • More ice cream and related fun
  • Thanksgiving!

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