Stephanie, Stacie & Zeke

We can't promise that this will be simple or easy. But we can promise that we will be two parents who will have respect for you as the birth parent(s), patience to work things out, and a flexibility that will allow for whatever kind of open relationship you envision with your child. We are parents who will read and sing when it's time for bed, feel proud when your child jumps into the pool for the first time, and laugh when this child tells his or her very first joke. We will provide safety within a large family, a strong education, opportunities for travel, faith, laughter, joy, and love. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to share with you more about what life would look like for your child if you choose us to be the adoptive parents. Thank you for taking the time to consider us and we wish you peace with whatever decision you make.

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A Home Filled With Joy & Love

With Stephanie on the guitar, Stacie on the piano, and Zeke playing maracas and drums, our little living room band jams to anything from blues, folk, and gospel, to "Wheels on the Bus." Our music-making often evolves into dance parties. We love taking average events like these and infusing them with energy and creating joy. These are just the sorts of small but special moments that we look forward to sharing with another child.

We met in 2008 on Stephanie was impressed with Stacie’s quick wit, and Stacie enjoyed Stephanie’s thoughtful conversation. We were married in 2011 and welcomed our son Zeke in 2013. Stephanie is a high school special education administrator and social worker. Stacie was an elementary school teacher for 9 years before she decided to stay home with Zeke. Stacie plans to remain home for a second child. Since both of our jobs allow us to have the summers off, the children will be able to spend time with both of us at the beach, parks, in travel, relaxation, and simple summer activities such as bike rides. We parent with a balance of love, warmth, a nurturing spirit, clear boundaries, positive discipline, and respect. We will respond to your child’s needs in an accepting and supportive manner. We want this child to feel secure in being loved unconditionally.

Our Family

A new baby will fit right in to our family. We feel blessed to be parents, and have always envisioned parenting more than one child. We are both very close to our siblings. We look forward to helping Zeke and the new baby to build a strong and unique bond as siblings. Zeke has a sweet temperament and will make a wonderful big brother.

This new baby's life will be filled with visits with extended family. Since we live in the Chicago area, we often host family and friends, sometimes heading to the beach, aquarium, or museums. When talking about family it is also hard not to mention our two dogs, June Bug and Trooper. They are both very good with kids. June loves to give kisses and Trooper loves playing ball. The dogs are hoping for another little human to play with.


In addition to truly enjoying being a parent, I love my family, dogs, BBQs, outdoor activities, sports, singing, and my wife Stacie. I am a special education administrator and school social worker at a very diverse, large public high school. I truly enjoy working with my students and appreciate every small positive step they take no matter what challenges they face. On my side of the family I have 7 nieces and nephews who I adore, and who we see often. I am very excited for the joys and challenges of parenting a second child. I know how much I loved having siblings growing up, and know Zeke will love being a big brother.

I grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin and I lived in San Diego, CA for a few years. I have family in California, Colorado, and Wisconsin. I am very excited to grow our family through adoption and know that Stacie and I can provide a loving, safe, and happy home to the children we are blessed to parent.


I am in love with being a parent. I also enjoy exercising, piano, cooking, reading, home improvement projects, and my dogs. Spending time with our family and friends brings me happiness. This includes cookouts, board games, traveling, visiting museums, camping, watching a movie, bike riding, and art projects. I am very much looking forward to sharing all of my interests with another child.

I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and have family in Indiana and Ohio. I taught elementary school for 9 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and GED tutor. My students appreciate my sense of humor, and my determination to help them learn. It is so rewarding to be a positive influence on children and young adults. I love Stephanie & Zeke, and I am excited to add one more member to our family.


Zeke is 4 years old and was adopted through The Cradle. He is a sweet, funny, and active little boy. Zeke often initiates group hugs. He loves cars, trucks, trains, being outside, biking around the neighborhood, contributing to family discussions, and reading stories. Zeke is curious, empathetic, and ready to be a big brother.

Our Thoughts on Openness

We have an open adoption with Zeke's birth mother and have appreciated her willingness to communicate regularly via email, as it is currently what she is most comfortable with. We are open to whatever form of communication you prefer (calls, texts, emails, social media, visits etc.). We are straightforward and honest with Zeke about adoption and will continue this with our second child. We want them to know who their birth parents are, and to know that this adoption decision was made with great care.

Thank You

We appreciate you spending your time learning more about us as potential parents for your child. We wish you continued strength, courage and peace with your decision.

Fun facts

Steph Favorites
  • Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Book: Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott
  • Children's Book: The Family Book by Todd Parr
  • TV Show: Queen Sugar or Fixer Upper
  • Travel Destination: Costa Rica or Chile
  • Sport: Soccer, and I like watching Football
  • Food: Chocolate! (or Ribs)
  • Color: Purple
  • Musician or Band: Stevie Wonder, P!nk
  • Fun Fact: I used to drive limos
Stacie Favorites
  • Movie: The Fox and the Hound
  • Book: A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park
  • Children's Book: Come On Rain by Karen Hesse
  • TV Show: This is Us or The Voice
  • Travel Destination: Ireland
  • Sport: Soccer and watching the Olympics
  • Food: Sushi, Thai, and Mexican
  • Color: Green
  • Musicians: Ray Charles and Dolly Parton
  • Fun Fact: I was my college mascot (a purple puma) for one basketball game.

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