We can't fully understand what you are going through but we really admire you as you try to decide what is best for you and your baby. It must be a very hard decision to make but we strongly believe that your child will join a loving and caring family

We are very happy with our decision to become parents through adoption. We would love to become parents but because of medical reasons we can't have children of our own.  This is our first adoption and we are very excited.  We realize that you may be feeling a little uncertain about what open adoption may look like; we are too. If adoption is right for you and your baby, we are eager to get to know you and talk to you about building a relationship that will be comfortable for all of us. 

About Us

We are a happy and loving couple who enjoys their life together. Both of us grew up in small towns in Poland and came to the United States with our families when we were teenagers. We met in May of 2009 at Stan's school. Our common friend introduced us and we became very good friends.  From our first meeting, we knew that we liked each other and that we shared similar beliefs and interests. We have been together ever since and were married in February 2013

We have very rewarding careers because our jobs allow us to help other people. Sylwia is a domestic violence counselor and Stan is a Case Coordinator for a state agency. We love our jobs even though sometimes they can be challenging.

About Sylwia by Stan

Sylwia is very positive loving and caring person.  She likes arts and crafts paint and draw.  When we visit kids in our family, she always draws something for them or does art projects.

Sylwia is also a very good cook and house manager. I think she got her cooking skills from her mother. Her best dish is beef stew with vegetables. Sylwia is great life companion. I know I can count on her and I know she will be there for me. She has a tremendous ability to see the best qualities in every person and she inspires me and others.

About Stan by Sylwia

Stan is very kind, generous and positive person. He gets along with other people and makes new friends easily. He is a family guy who loves to play with children. Together with his nieces and nephews, Stan builds tents from chairs, blankets and pillows and pretends that he is camping in the woods. All the children love him!

Stan also likes to cook and try new dishes. My favorite is his homemade donuts.  There is nothing better than cold milk and Stan's warm and crispy donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar!

Stan loves to be active; his favorite activity is to ride his bicycle. He can't wait to take our child for a bicycle ride and to do other fun activities with our child.


We love to travel. As much as possible, we try to go on vacation every year. So far, we have been to Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and few places in U.S.A. Our most memorable vacation was our adventurous backpacking excursion to Costa Rica.  It is a very amazing country full of rain forests, wild animals, beautiful plants and flowers and people who are very friendly and who enjoy their life. We like to travel because it gives us different perspective about the world. We would like to continue to travel and to share many amazing moments with them.

Our family

We love our big wonderful families and we feel lucky to have very close relationships with them. Our families are spread out through the suburbs of Chicago within a short distance of each other.  Stan is the youngest of five kids and Sylwia has one older sister. We have nine nieces and nephews ranging from 2 to 16 years old and we love to spend time them playing hide and seek and other games.

Our siblings are among our best friends and we enjoy our family time together. Our parents also come from big families so you can imagine how many people there are when we have family celebrations. We have many family celebration from birthdays, First Communion to weddings. Also we celebrate Christmas, Easter and other religious holidays with our families. Each celebration is very important to us. Our family is very diverse. In our family we have members from Poland, Korea, Mexico, Macedonia, and Austria.  It is wonderful when we get together and share food and traditions from different countries. Our families are very supportive in our adoption plans and cannot wait to welcome another child into the family. We value family time above all.

Children in our family

There are a total of nine children in our family. Sylwia has one nephew and Stan has three nephews and five nieces. All of the kids are very special to us. Each of them has a unique personality and interests that brings diversity to our family. We spend a lot of time with them; we play sports, go for a bike ride, do art or cooking projects or just invite them to swim in a pool in our condominium complex.  They make us laugh and they show us how much joy children bring to your life.  We would like to have children of our own and to do all of these activities with them.

Our home and neighborhood

We live in a sunny and spacious two bedroom condominium in the suburbs of Chicago. Our bedrooms face east side so in the morning, we see beautiful sunrises from our windows. We live in a well- maintained gated community with lots of green spaces, trees, swimming pool, tennis court and playground. Our child will have a chance to play with other children without leaving the condominium complex. Our home is situated close to schools, parks and forest preserve. We have neighbors from different parts of the world and we enjoy the friendliness and diversity of our community.

Our parenting plans

When we will be blessed to become parents, Sylwia will take 3 to 6 months off from work to stay with our child. When Sylwia returns to work, her mother will be taking care of our child.  

We look forward to sharing our family traditions and values with our child. We had very happy childhoods and we want the same for our child. Our parents disciplined us by teaching the importance of family and explaining to us what is good and what is bad behavior. We want to do the same with our child. Religion and education will be a very important aspect of raising our child. We will read books to our child. We will teach how to play different instruments. We believe that teaching a child various skills from young years will help the child in the future.  We will raise our child in the Catholic faith and teach our child that it is important to respect others. We would also like to include traditions and customs from your culture in our family life. We also want our child to explore the outdoors as much as possible by going on hiking and camping trips.


We promise that we will be honest and respectfully share the adoption story with our child. We promise to help our child understand the circumstance that led you to make this difficult and loving decision.

Thank you for reviewing our profile and learning about us. We hope that you connected with us and you will consider us if you decide that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.  We are open and flexible in developing the relationship that you would like to have with us. We will honor your  needs and preferences. We wish you all the best and peace in making your decision.  God bless you.

Fun facts

  • She likes to listen to different kinds of music and read the books.
  • She likes cheese; her favorite is mini Babybell cheese.  I think this is the reason I call Sylwia "Myszka" (which means Small Mouse in Polish).
  • She likes to watch Disney cartoons The Lion King is her favorite. I think she has watched this movie about 100 times and will still watch it again and again!
  • She likes to play Solitaire on her phone she says it relaxes her
  • She collects all the birthday, holiday cards and greeting cards from vacation
  • Stan is very punctual; when we go somewhere, we are usually 30 min early.
  • Stan loves popcorn!  Sometimes I wonder if he goes to Movie Theater to watch movie or eat popcorn
  • Stan likes to listen to international music and sound of rain on You Tube
  • Stan likes to travel by train. His dream is to travel by train across   the United States.
  • Stan likes to collect coins. In his collections, he has about 100 coins from different countries
  • He loves ice-cream. One time we went to the wedding and they served walnut ice-cream. Since then he has been on a quest to find walnut ice cream. 

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