Thank you for taking time to get to know us.  We are Sylwia and Stan. 

We met in 2009, our common friend introduced us and after few weeks we started our relationship. In March 2012 on Sylwia’s birthday we got engage and on February 13, 2013 we got married in Chicago.  Even though we have been married for only two years we are in relationship since 2009.  Since then we got to know each other very well and have been through many difficult situations that made our relationship and marriage very strong. We know that we can count on each other and we know that we can overcome any difficult situation in the future.  We work as a team.


We would love to become parents but because of medical reasons we can’t have children of our own. Our doctor advised us that pregnancy in our case would be very risky. This news was very devastating for us but we did not lose hope of becoming parents.  We are very happy with our decision to become parents through open adoption. This is our first adoption and we are very excited.  We do realize that you may be feeling a little uncertain about what open adoption may look like, we are too.    If adoption is right for you we are eager to get to know you and talk to you about building relationship that will be comfortable for all of us   

About us

Both of us came from Poland with our families when we were teenagers. We made USA our home very fast. We enjoy living here because we have a chance to explore different cultures and meet people of different background. Even though we have been married for only two years we are in relationship since 2009. Since then we got to know each other very well and we been through many difficult situations that made our relationship and marriage very strong. 

We both like to travel. We visited few countries and have more on the list. When we can’t travel we go to different ethnic neighborhoods and restaurants to get a feel of different country. Our favorite cuisine is Japanese cuisine. We love sushi. We could eat this every day. We also like hiking and camping. Every year we go to Michigan or Wisconsin to camp in the woods. We are happy and loving couple who enjoys every minute of their life.


Sylwia is very positive loving and caring person.  She likes arts and crafts paint and draw. When we visit kids in our family she always draws something for them or does art projects. Sylwia is great life companion. I know I can count on her and I know she will be there for me. She has a tremendous ability to see the best qualities in every person and she inspires me and others.


Stan is very kind, generous and positive person. He gets along with other people and meets new friends easily. He is family guy who loves to play with children. He would build tents from chairs, blankets and pillows and would pretend that he is camping in the woods. He loves to be active; his favorite activity is to ride his bicycle. He can’t wait when he will take our child for a bicycle ride. He also likes to cook and try new dishes.

Our family

We love our big wonderful families and we feel lucky to be very close with them. Our families are spread out through the suburbs of Chicago with a short distance from each other.  Stan is youngest of five kids and Sylwia has one older sister. There are nine children in our families ranging from 2 to 16 years old. We love to spend time with our nieces and nephews. We always have fun playing hide and seek or other games with children.   Our siblings are among our best friends.  We enjoy our family get together. Our family is very diverse. In our family we have members from: Poland, Korea, Mexico, Macedonia, and Austria.  Our families are very supportive in our journey of adoption. We value family time above all and we believe that family bond is important.

Our House and Neighborhood

We live in a sunny and spacious two bedroom condominium in Northwest suburb of Chicago. Our bedrooms are facing east side so in the morning we see beautiful sunrise from our windows. We live in the well maintained gated community with lots of green spaces, trees, swimming pool, tennis court and playground. Our child will have a chance to play with other children without living the condominium complex. Our complex is situated close to schools, parks and forest preserve. Our neighborhood is very diverse we have neighbors from different parts of the world.  We enjoy where we live.

Our parenting plan

When we will be blessed and we will become parents Sylwia will take 3 to 6 months off from work to stay with our child. After that Sylvia’s mother will be taking care of our child.   We would like to share the love with our child with the traditions that we grew up with. We would want to pass to our child the qualities that our parents pass to us.   We had very happy childhood and we would want the same for our child. Our parents disciplined us by teaching and explaining to us what is good and what is bad behavior. We would want to do the same with our child.   Religion and education will be very important aspect of raising our child.  We would like to raise our child in Catholic faith and teach the child that it is important to respect others. We would also like to include traditions and customs from your culture.  We would want our child to explore the outdoors as much as possible by going on hiking and camping trips with us. We would teach our child that family values are very important.





Fun facts

  • She likes to listen to Whitney Houston in the morning when she gets ready to work
  • She likes to watch Disney cartoons
  • She likes to play Solitaire, she says it relaxes her
  • She collects all the birthday, holiday cards and cards from vacation
  • Stan is very punctual. When we go somewhere, we are usually 30 minutes earlier then the schedule time
  • He likes popcorn, sometimes I wonder if he goes to Movie Theater to watch movie or eat popcorn
  • He likes to listen to old punk rock
  • He likes to travel by train. His dream is to travel by train across USA
  • He likes to collect coins
  • He loves ice-cream. Walnut is his favorite flavor

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