Hi, I am Tanya, the mother of Jake and Zemme. 

So, maybe you would call me overly ambitious or just plain crazy.  I am a single mom, with two adopted children, hoping for another small miracle.  I have been blessed with two amazing babies, Jake and Zemme, through the help of the Cradle.  Here's our family story told by the kids...

Hi, I'm Jake and I am 8.  I am very excited about meeting my baby brother or sister.

I am an athlete. I play ice hockey, baseball, soccer and practice taekwondo (green belt).  I may be super strong and tough, but my favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mom and watch a movie.  My mom lets us experience as much as possible, and my new favorite sport is fishing.  I don't like to eat the fish (except snapper), but I do like to catch them. 

Hi, I’m Zemme.  I am 6.  I love to play ice hockey, soccer, gymnastics and cook. Well, I am very nervous about having a baby brother or sister, because I love being the youngest one in the family.  But, I know I will be a super cool sister and I will help my mom take care of the baby as much as I can.  I practice being a mommy with my dolls.  My mom thinks I can be whatever I want to be in life.  Right now, I just want to have fun, maybe be a cheerleader and play with my friends.

Jake and Zemme are amazing children and we are a happy family.  Yet, ever since I can remember, I envisioned having four children probably because I am one of four children, the youngest.  I was always close to my siblings and I still am, and I want my children to have the same experience: siblings and friends with each other forever.  Our extended family sees one another quite often.  Jake and Zemme have 8 cousins who adore them.  The baby will be another welcome addition.

The kids and I are excited to add to our family.  It will be a big change in our lives, but it is a change that we are ready and willing to experience.

Over the past eight years, I have learned along the way that I can work and be a fantastic mom.  I may not be perfect.  I learn and I grow.  But, I do know that I love my children like crazy and I tell them so every day.  They are, simply, the two best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I know this decision is the same. 

I am open to a child of any race, and either an open or closed adoption. If you choose an open adoption, I will work with you to understand your preferences and comfort. 

Good luck to you in your journey.  May you be filled with peace and love.


Fun facts

  • We love to travel.  The kids and I have been to Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and many places in the United States.  Our favorite destinations are Las Vegas, Turks and Caicos Islands and Mexico. 
  • Both kids are super athletic.  They routinely play ice hockey, baseball, soccer and taekwondo.  They also love horseback riding, bike riding, rollerblading, volleyball, badminton, swimming and football. 
  • When we have had a long day and just want to relax, our favorite thing to do is put on our pajamas and watch a movie together.  
Jake & Zemme
  • Jake is named after the character Jake in the movie Sixteen Candles.
  • Zemme's name was taken from another little girl.  I heard her name and fell in love with it.  That was five years before Zemme was born!

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