What happens when you take a cruise to the western Caribbean and your luggage takes a different cruise to Mexico? You get the beginning of our honeymoon and the start of many adventures together. And though not every adventure goes according to plan, we know that we can always rely on each other to make the most out of any situation.

You may be wondering why we are adopting?  The simple answer is to expand our family.  We value family and after struggling with infertility we adopted our son Matthew in 2009.   We have been truly honored to be his parents.  We’ve enjoyed the experiences of raising a child; of teaching the lessons that we have learned, and of sharing the love and laughter that fills our house and lives every day.  Our family is exactly what we had hoped for…well almost.  We now hope for one more.

Right now as we write this and as you are reading this, we know that we are both experiencing a flood of intense emotions, some of which are the same, and some of which are different. Even though we all have taken different paths, it is possible that from here our paths will cross and bond us together forever.

Chris and Theresa

Hi, we are Chris and Theresa, both born and raised in Chicago.  We met through mutual friends in January of 1995.  We went to Chris’s senior prom and spent the whole summer together before Chris went off to college.  For the next four years we maintained a long distance relationship. Theresa would travel up to see him on the weekends or Chris would travel home to see her and get his laundry done.  It was during this time that we not only formed a deep love and friendship but also learned the value of communication, honesty, and trust that makes our marriage so successful.  The other key to our success is laughter, something we try to do as much as possible.

Us on Parenting

We love being parents and becoming parents has been an amazing experience that is continually changing and growing.  We strive to provide the best opportunities possible for our child(ren) and  bring complimenting parenting styles to the table.  Theresa is a rules person; she not only likes to set the rules, but she also likes to follow them.  Chris on the other hand likes to “bend” the rules a little when he can.  Chris tends to be more carefree while Theresa tends to be more cautious.  Theresa is much more detail oriented which includes neatness and being able to put things where they belong.  Chris often takes laps around the house looking for his keys, wallet, and shoes before heading out.  And Matthew fits right in by continually asking what time we are leaving, arriving, which route we will take, and often helping dad keep track of all misplaced items.  However, both of us are schedule oriented people who like to plan as best we can before undertaking an adventure.  The one thing that we both always agree on is that that life needs to be filled with joy and excitement.

Where we Live

We still live in Chicago and are surrounded by family, literally, as our next door neighbors are Chris’s mom, aunt, and grandmother. If you have seen the show “Everyone loves Raymond” it is kind of like that.  We live on the second floor of a two flat, grandma lives below us, Chris’s mom lives next door on the first floor, and Chris’ aunt and uncle on the second. 

You know that saying it takes a village to raise a child... well we kind of have one.   During the day and on weekends we are surrounded with family who are always willing to assist in whatever we need.  Whether it be some last minute babysitting for a quick errand or a walk to park with Matty they are always pitching in.  They are a fabulous resource and support to have so close.  They definitely have a hand in parenting.

A couple of years back we removed the fence between our yards so that we can all share one large backyard.  One side of the yard hosts a pool and patio while the other side of the yard has the grass space that allows for  a kiddy pool, jungle gym, or backyard celebration (Birthdays, 4th of July etc..) for all of our friends and family

In the summer months the yard is a shared living space; together we grill, float in the pool, and soak up the sun.  We enjoy our neighborhood and didn’t quite realize how kid friendly it is until we became parents in 2009.  Our neighborhood is filled with families, parks, and plenty of family activities.  We have a large park for baseball and park district activities on the corner as well as a ½ dozen small kiddie parks within walking distance.  Matthew started preschool this year at the school down the block and goes to the YMCA for swimming less than a ½ mile away. There’s Gymboree, painting, dance, block parties, kid friendly restaurants, holiday festivities (Halloween and Christmas parades, Easter egg hunts) all within a 10-15 minute walk from our home. When not walking, the lakefront and downtown attractions are only minutes away via car which allows for many more opportunities for us to enjoy family fun activities.

Chris on Theresa        

Theresa is the love of my life and I cannot imagine living without her.  Her big bright eyes and beautiful smile are just gateways to her soul. I instantly became addicted to her bright beautiful smile and her great laugh, just as I am to this day.  She is not only a great wife, she’s a great mother.  Theresa is always thinking Matthew 1st and makes sure he has a right balance of activities in and out of the home.  If it’s not swimming lessons at the Y or a gym class at the park, it’s leading the way with an art project.  Compared to my stick figures, Theresa is a Picasso!

Theresa on Chris

Chris is a wonderful husband and my best friend.  To meet him is to instantly love him.  He has a big heart and keeps it open to everyone; he is the kind of person who makes friends everywhere he goes.  He’s the person who calms my fears, holds my hand when I am scared, who tells me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it, and no matter what always keeps me smiling and laughing.   He is also a great father!   Interacting with children seems to come very natural to him; he understands them and is not afraid to get down to their level.  Together we make a well balanced team and I look forward to the adventures and challenges that a new child will bring into our lives.


We thank you for taking time to learn a little bit about us.  We promise to love our child with everything we have.  We promise to surround our child with a caring and loving family who will embrace our child just as they would any family member.  We will give our child every opportunity possible and to surround him or her with good friends and family.  At the same time, we will never let our child lose perspective of where he or she came from and who his or her birthparents are. As part of our openness in adoption, we fully intend to work with the birthparents to develop a relationship that meets the needs of everyone involved.  With whatever decision that you choose, we thank you for considering us.

Fun facts

  • Favorite movie: Christmas Vacation
  • Favorite TV shows:  Modern Family, Parenthood, and love boat
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite Musician: Madonna
  • Favorite activity: Laughing  
  • Only member of the family that can Ice Skate
  • Favorite TV Show: PTI on ESPN
  • Favorite cartoon: Simpsons
  • Favorite type of food: Indian
  • Has cut his own hair since age 16, #2 clipper guard
  • Ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for 90% of grade school lunches

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