Welcome to our profile! We are Tiffany and Marty, hopeful adoptive parents. We truly appreciate you taking the time to read all about us. It’s our hope that you’ll get a better idea of who we are and the parents we hope to become.

We have a loving home made up of two humans and two dogs (which we still call “puppies”) and all of us look forward to bringing a child into our family. We enjoy spending time together, cuddling while we binge Netflix (we’re obsessed with GLOW and Stranger Things), being outdoorsy by camping and hiking.

We cannot wait to take family trips to the zoo, nature centers, museums, and to give up our binge time for episodes of My Little Pony and Pokémon! We look forward to watching our child play with his/her “cousins” (our definition includes our friends’ children).

Our adoption journey began when we exhausted all options of having biological children. Infertility hurt us deeply and it took a while for us to heal. BUT, the decision to adopt came naturally. Adoption has always been a part of our lives as we both have best friends who are adopted – hearing their adoption stories has provided us a fuller understanding of the adoption journey.

About Us

We have been happily married for ten years! Our romance started when we met working at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York City. We quickly bonded over our shared interests: reading, writing, photography, films, and spending time in nature.  We knew our romance was for keeps when we survived traveling together to Isket, British Columbia to work on a documentary film about a First Nation tribe. Camping in the remote wilderness was quite the adventure. A few weeks later, Marty professed his love for Tiffany by commissioning a street vendor in Central Park to write the words, “I love you”, on a grain of rice and encapsulate it in a small glass bead necklace. Tiffany still has the bead in her jewelry box!

Over the years our relationship has grown stronger and we understand what it takes to maintain our success as a couple. When one of us is having a bad day, the other knows whether the person needs time alone, a sounding board, or a pep talk. We are honest and loyal to one another and know how to solve problems together as a family.

About Tiffany

I work as an administrator at a local university. I am in a unique position to nurture and guide students’ growth during their time at the university. In addition to my career, I am also a writer. I just finished writing a TV pilot that’s a sci-fi drama about a woman scientist who has to choose between the career she loves and saving her estranged friends and family. My lead characters are women with complex emotional lives, who have isolated themselves, and have to claw their way back to being wholehearted.

I grew up in New York State with my mother, father and two younger brothers. My dad worked as an engineer and my mom worked at home. My dad modeled for me the meaning of hard work and dedication. My mom is the glue that holds our family together -- As children my brothers had severe asthma and nearly died. My mother’s courage and fortitude kept us going during those trying times. Not to mention, she’s brilliantly creative and deeply caring.

Now my parents are retired and spend their time babysitting my nieces and nephew. They love grandparenting – spoiling them with activities, crafts, music, stories, museum trips and love! They are eager to travel to Chicago to spend weeks grandparenting our child.

Why I love Tiffany, by Marty.

Tiffany is confident, smart, compassionate, has a lively spirit, and drive for her passions in life. She is a hard worker and dedicated to achieving her goals (like waking up early before going to work to write). She isn’t afraid to try new things and learns from her mistakes rather than being defeated by them. Tiffany is going to make a wonderful mother. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her nieces. The last time we visited, they started a fake vlog (video-blog) called “Dear Olaf”. They ask Olaf, of Frozen, questions and then answer the questions themselves, such as “Dear Olaf, we want to know what color are your favorite pair of leggings.” Tiffany is loving and accepting, inspiring and insightful. She has the ability to make people want to be the best that they can be and helps them reach their goals. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.

About Marty

I recently went back to school to become a social worker and am currently working with older adults. I was inspired to go into the field to help people who are going through difficult times in their life. I feel like my own varied experiences inspired my decision to enter a field that offers numerous ways to help people.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I am an only child but have many close friends who I grew up with that I consider family. When I was eight years old my parents got divorced and I went to live with my mother. My father’s addiction to alcohol was the cause of my parent’s divorce.  I saw the way it destroyed my father and our family, and knew early on that I didn’t want that to happen to me. I also learned to have empathy for those who are struggling with addiction, which would later serve me well when aiding a friend who was battling heroin addiction. 

My father has since passed away, but my mother lives nearby in a neighboring suburb. She taught kindergarten and first grade for over 30 years and has accumulated a small library of children’s books. She has been anxiously awaiting a child that she can read books to and spoil.

Why I love Marty, by Tiffany.

I love Marty’s sense of humor, the way that he can make me laugh no matter what I’m feeling. I love that he’s kind, generous, and a caretaker of people. He will drop whatever he is doing to help friends and family. He has a goofy, silly side that appears when hanging out with my family – they love his character impressions. His nieces especially love it when he teaches them silly songs - now whenever something good happens to them, they belt out a sing-song version of, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”. He often lets them paint his toenails, which is the first thing they ask to do when we visit. Marty is going to make a wonderful father.

As Parents

Parenting involves wearing many different hats: a teacher, a guide, a disciplinary, a clown, a friend… While always providing unconditional love.

As parents, we want to bring love and joy into a child’s life. We want to help him/her create rich experiences and positive memories that will remain with them throughout their lives. We want to guide them by nurturing their aspirations and help him/her pursue those aspirations to the fullest. If s/he wants to play a musical instrument, join a sports team, or be in the math club, we want to support that decision and help them excel.

We are looking forward to welcoming a child to our home that is of any race. We want our adopted child to be proud of who they are and where they come from. We will provide opportunities for the child to grow up and interact with children and adults of the same race. It is very important to us that we surround ourselves with families where the child will have their ethnicity and culture valued and celebrated. We live in a diverse area of Chicago that contains people of all colors and creeds.

What we have learned from our adopted friends and through research that it’s best for a child to have knowledge about his/her birth family and to have some level of contact. We want to provide our child with answers about his/her background and are open to finding a level of openness that works for you, us, and, most importantly, the child.

Our Home:

We live in a historic bungalow in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago. There are lots of great restaurants in the area, as well as libraries, parks, shops, and museums. We love exploring the city together, as well as the nearby forests preserves. The neighborhood is teeming with children that play on the block and in nearby parks.


Growing up, our parents taught us to love and respect nature. Tiffany spent her summers camping in the Adirondacks and Marty learned about birds from his father and grandfather.

Tiffany’s greatest childhood adventures were spent out in the open air. Either on camping trips with her family or playing hide and seek in the local forest preserve. Whenever she had a bad day, and it was warm enough, she would run out into the forest preserve to be alone.

As a child Marty built birdhouses with his grandfather. As he grew up his father took him to different places to see various species of birds. The spring and fall are his favorite times of year because he has the opportunity to see migrating birds.

We hope to teach our children the importance of appreciating and respecting Mother Nature and how to enjoy all that she has to offer.


  • Taking family trips with Tiffany’s parents and siblings
  • Taking one serious family portrait and one goofy one
  • Spending Thanksgiving together as one big family in Chicago or Rochester


Our dogs are Daisy May & Truman. They are super cuddly, funny, happy, and well-trained. Daisy opens and closes the refrigerator on command, and Truman speaks, “I love you” (well, sort of).

Our Promise:

It is our promise that we will provide a loving home that is filled with joy, laughter and generosity to your child. One that will nurture their dreams and aspirations by helping them pursue them to the fullest. We will teach them the value of diversity and the importance of treating him/herself with love, respect, and compassion in order for them to be able to show the same to others.

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know us. We sincerely hope you find the strength and comfort to make this brave decision for you and your child.

Fun facts

  • We live in a brick bungalow built around 1920.
  • Marty loves Gold Toe socks, Tiffany loves any sock that matches her shoes.
  • Tiffany loves to buy a new sweatshirt or shirt on vacation.
  • Tiffany loves to read science fiction, Marty loves to read non-fiction.
  • Marty loves to play backgammon, and to royally beat his wife, which is why she doesn’t play with him.
  • Marty is learning to play the banjo.
  • Tiffany loves horses, and was once a Ringmaster at a horse show.
  • Marty’s favorite color is brown, Tiffany’s favorite color is teal.
  • Our dogs were adopted, Truman from Paws and Daisy May from the ASPCA.
  • Marty has a HAM radio license.
  • Tiffany loves to write stories featuring female heroes.
  • In addition to Chicago, we’ve lived together in New York City. Marty has lived in Seattle. Tiffany has lived in Rochester, Grand Rapids, and Beijing.

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