Hi. Thank you for reading our profile. We are Kevin and Tim. We have both envisioned being parents are whole lives. The opportunity to start our family through adoption is a great blessing to us and we are excited to start this next chapter of our lives. We hope our profile gives you a good sense of who we are.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we would be devoted and loving parents, patient and adventurous fathers, and committed to you and your wishes on openness.

We met in Chicago in 2010. Tim is from Pittsburgh, PA and Kevin is from Philadelphia, PA. We were married in the summer of 2015. Tim is a biology professor and does research on water pollution, and Kevin is an attorney at a bank. We got married in New England with close friends who officiated and witnessed the ceremony on a sailboat.  We celebrated with friends and family in Chicago when we returned. We live in a diverse and family-friendly Chicago lakefront neighborhood with our dog, Penn. Our favorite space is the rooftop where we have a garden and lots of open space for kids, family, and friends to enjoy.

About Kevin (Written by Tim)

Humor, intelligence, and sweetness are the top three words that come to my mind when I think of Kevin. I love his baking and photography. He's the best travel companion ever, because he takes care of all the planning!  He has a way of making people feel safe being themselves when they are around him. He has learned to be comfortable and confident with who he is and does not turn away from anything out of fear of judgement. When you are with him, his sense of humor, sincerity, and sense of personal security makes you feel like it is OK to be yourself too. Kids notice this type of thing and are always quickly at ease with him. He has somehow become the best at putting babies to sleep which warms my heart to see.

His sense of purpose and drive to accomplish goals is definitely something I know he is going to instill in our child. Kevin faced many challenges growing up with a single mother in the rougher part of Philadelphia with very little resources. It is through these experiences that he has developed a strong sense of purpose and drive, you can see this by his professional accomplishments as an attorney. More importantly, the same purpose and drive is helping him start our family by pursuing his dream of becoming a father. He has a mission to be a loving and devoted dad, even though he didn't have that growing up, and I know he will be. It is who he is.

About Tim (Written by Kevin)

Tim is an amazing teacher who leads with his heart. Where ever we go, I see him rolling up his sleeves, stepping into lakes and streams, and, depending on where we are, our friends or our nieces and nephews follow him and ask him questions about nature. He'll captivate a 35 year-old lawyer or a 4 year-old boy with countless stories about snails, plants, or fish in a river. Tim has moved and inspired hundreds of students, and is regularly recognized for his research and teaching about the environment and nature. Watching Tim with our nieces and nephews is a lot of fun. He plays as hard as they do. He knows how to make them laugh and they all light up when their Uncle Tim is around.

Tim's overall perspective on life is about discovery and exploration, and I can't wait to see all the hands-on-adventures Tim will lead our family on. He inspires me every day and he is going to inspire a daughter or son in so many ways. He plays the piano, loves making art, working in the garden, and he also loves to cook. I know he will ensure that our child has many ways to express him or herself. Everyday parenthood is going to be a new journey with him. He is known for his soft heart, kindness, and caring demeanor among our family and friends. It is so abundantly clear to me and to those who know him that he is going to be an amazing father.

Family & Friends

Our family is the most important part of our lives. Between us, we have 17 nieces and nephews. We enjoying vacationing with them and doing things in Chicago, like the beach and Millennium Park. Our youngest niece is two and our oldest 19.

Our family is a true mixture of people from a wide diversity of backgrounds - including strong role models, story tellers, teachers, babysitters, and adventurous cousins.  Adoption is already an important part of our close family. Tim's sister was adopted as an infant. We are very close, and she so excited for our journey with adoption, ready to be a helpful source of support for all of us. We are fortunate to have a large network of loving people that support us as we become parents. We have many friends in our neighborhood that are just starting their families as well.

Our Commitments

We are committed to love.

We are committed to the belief that the more people that loves a child the better.

We are committed to always listen, understand, and respect your wishes.

We are committed to support your decisions with our full energy and effort.

We are committed to valuing education, exploration, and curiosity.

We are committed to care, safety, and adventures.

We are committed to family.

We are committed to pizza on movie night.

We are committed to being kind, honest, and responsible parents.

We are committed to communication and openness, and always will be.


We understand the value of a child knowing their full story, and knowing that his or her story starts with love. We would be grateful for the opportunity to develop a relationship with you. We are committed to being patient and understanding of your desires throughout this journey. Tim's sister was adopted through a closed adoption and she did not have the benefit of knowing details about her story until later in life. Openness, in any and all forms, will be central principal in our home and relationships for life.

We would be committed to sharing photos and stories, and happy to have regular phone calls and get-togethers with you. We look forward to learning about what openness means to you.


Fun facts

  • Hobbies: Reading, running, biking, photography, architecture
  • Favorite food: Ice cream in a waffle cone
  • Favorite good movie: Glory
  • Favorite fun movie: Twister
  • Favorite book: Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin
  • First Album Purchased: Jay-Z, In My Lifetime Vol. 2
  • Favorite TV Show: The Wire
  • Favorite trip: Paris
  • Favorite Chicago Site: Chicago River architecture boat tour
  • Hobbies: Art, cooking, triathlon, traveling, gardening
  • Favorite food: tacos
  • Favorite good movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite fun movie: Toy Story
  • Favorite book: Harry Potter series
  • First Album Purchased: Michael Jackson, Thriller
  • Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
  • Favorite trip: Redwood Forests in California
  • Favorite Chicago Site: Top of John Hancock Building

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