Dear Parent,

It is almost impossible to know how to begin this letter to you.  We have written and re-written and realized that we must start with gratitude.  We are SO grateful you are open to getting to know us through our profile.  We know this time is likely very challenging and you probably have a lot of questions.  We do not underestimate the importance of making a decision you will feel confident with and we appreciate that you are considering us.  We pray you will find peace as you go through this journey and figure out what is best for you and your baby.

The Story of Us

We met one evening during Tina’s sophomore year and Zach’s senior year at Bradley University.  Although we had known of each other through a shared mutual friend, Zach finally got the nerve to strike up a conversation with Tina over our shared history in high school choir.  From that moment we were both hooked!  We talked and saw each other every day in the coming weeks and quickly developed the friendship that is still the foundation of our marriage.  We dated for the next three years and have been married for eight.

Our Connection to Adoption

You may be wondering how we came to our decision to adopt.  In addition to adopting our son Henry, adoption has always been a big part of our family (Tina has 6 first cousins who are adopted).  We always planned on adopting and talked about it frequently.  After struggling with infertility, we ultimately decided we did not want to pursue any other option – we were ready to adopt!  

In February of 2015 we adopted Henry from The Cradle.  We fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him!  He was welcomed home with an indescribable love by all of our family and friends.  

A peek into our life

Today, we live in the South Suburbs of Chicago in a sunny townhome with a big yard. The playground is just a 5-minute walk away and we are excited for the first time we make that walk with our next baby!  Zach is a mechanical engineer in the pipeline industry and Tina is a former high school choir director turned stay at home mom (her dream job!).  We also have a very cheerful, energetic Yorkshire Terrier name Lydia.  She is a baby and toddler lover and will be thrilled to have another baby to bestow kisses on!

We have grown to love doing many things together as a family.  We spend a lot of time with family and friends, but we also make sure to prioritize spending time with just our core unit as well.  We love to play outside, visit the park, and go to the zoo or children’s museum.  When the weather doesn’t allow us to be outside you can usually find us reading one of Henry’s hundreds of books, doing puzzles, or playing with the train table.  Our family and friends could not be more excited to help us welcome another baby home!  Both sets of grandparents are so eager they almost can’t stand it.  We are very lucky to live so close to our families and spend as much time with them as we do.   We love traveling and also make frequent trips to visit friends and family in various states throughout the country.  They are all eagerly awaiting that first special visit with our new addition. 

Our church is like a second home to us and we love serving there.  Tina oversees the preschool children’s ministry and Zach volunteers through safety/check-in/check-out.  It has been a really unique experience for us to get to invest in the children’s ministry our own children are and will be a part of.  Our church is such a vibrant, welcoming, accepting, FUN place!  This is so important to us because we know that our children will grow up with the joy and freedom we have experienced.  We can’t imagine a better place to raise a child where they will be so excited to go to church every week!

Regardless of what we are doing, we just love to laugh and be together.  We make a great partnership and are committed to working together to be the best parents we can possibly be. 

We feel our hearts longing for a second baby - one who we have not met yet, but are already in love with.   Both of us grew up with a sibling who we were very close to and we look forward to seeing that sibling (and adoption) bond between our children.  We can't wait to bring another child into our family to share this multigenerational adoption connection where they will be loved not only by us, but by all the special people around us.

Tina’s thoughts about Zach…

The quality I love and admire most in Zach is his loyalty.  Zach is the most amazing Dad and the most important thing in his world is family. He is fun-loving and high energy - always on the ground tickling, rough-housing, or laughing.  It is the sweetest thing to watch Henry’s face light up when Daddy comes in the door.   At the same time, Zach is also incredibly sensitive.  He is gentle and incredible affectionate - he shows love in such a tangible way that our children will ALWAYS know how much they are loved.  

Zach’s thoughts about Tina…

Tina makes me want to be a better person every day.  Out of all the qualities that make her the beautiful person she is, the thing that has stood out to me the most is Tina’s natural ability as a mother. I knew from the very beginning of our relationship that she was the one I wanted to be the mother of my child.  This is proven time and time again as I watch her in the number one role she was meant to play - Henry's mom.  Everything she does, she does with passion and she takes the same approach to parenting every day!


Henry is a complete and total joy.  He does everything full on - full of energy and exuberance.  He talks a million miles an hour and is so smart and funny.  He loves playing outside, running around like crazy, doing puzzles, and reading books.  Henry is SO ready to be a big brother.  He has loved babies practically since he was a baby.  We talk everyday about how he is going to be a big brother.  Until that day comes he will keep practicing with his baby at home and all his friend's baby brothers and sisters!

Our thoughts on Openness

We want you to know that we are committed to the mission of an open adoption.  We want our children to have a connection to their history, heritage, and birth family.  We know that openness can take many forms and we want to work with you to determine what is best.  Adoption is celebrated in our home!   Should we be fortunate enough to meet you, we would look forward to working with you to develop a plan that works best for everyone in order to give this baby the most love in the world.

What’s next?

At our core, our faith and our family are the most important things to us.  We are so eager to raise children who know and love God.  We hope to teach them about the importance of the strength of character and that what matters most is what is on the inside.  We can’t wait to watch our children grown into their own independent people – finding their talents, strengths, and passions.  We are eager, hopeful, and so very excited.  We thank you again for considering us and hope to learn more about you, too!

Our hearts are wide open as we wait for the blessings the future holds.






Fun facts


Movies: The Sound of Music, It's a Wonderful Life, West Side Story

TV Shows: Friends, So You Think You Can Dance

Places to Go: Disney World, Lake James, California, our living room

Books: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series, To Kill a Mockingbird

Things to Do: Play with Henry, sing, talk on the phone with mom or friends, read, snuggle


*She talks in her sleep and has on some occasions even taught full lessons without waking up!

*She has 31 first cousins, not to mention all of their children!

*She hates tomatoes but loves spaghetti sauce – so much for being Italian!

*She wishes they would make a show called "Dancing with the Regular People" instead of "Dancing with the Stars". She would totally go on that!


Movies:  Star Wars, Top Gun, Shawshank Redemption

TV Shows:  Anything Star Trek, Friends, How I Met Your Mother

Places to Go:  Wisconsin, Disney World, Lake James

Books: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series, Dan Brown novels

Things to Do:  Play with Henry, Golf, water sports, watching movies, time with family


*He secretly loves to play with the train table at night when Henry is in bed.

*He has a problem with wanting to buy cute things for their puppy like sunglasses…or boots…or goggles.

*He has a goal to see a football game at all the Big Ten Stadiums.  (8 out of 14 so far!)

*He knew he wanted to be an engineer since he was in 6th grade.

*He learned to drive on the family farm when he was 8.

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