“We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.”

These are words from one of our wedding songs and we believe in living it each day with each other and our loved ones.  While we cannot possibly understand the heavy load you are carrying right now, please know that we are praying for peace for you.

Our Story

We joined a dating service and Maria made the first move emailing Todd and waited for him to respond...and waited. Todd did not read Maria's message for five days. When we finally had our first date at Millennium Park in Chicago, we knew we had something special. The next day on our second date, Todd told Maria that they were going to get married and exactly 11 months later, we were.

Now more than 10 years later, we keep our marriage strong by prioritizing each other. At dinner each night we talk about our day or plan our next vacation. We like to do surprise dance parties to salsa music, watch football (Todd is a Chicago Bears fan and despite all of his attempts, Maria is still a Kansas City Chiefs fan) and go for walks around our neighborhood.

About Maria by Todd

Maria would describe herself as a professional nerd/princess and while this is a part of Maria, it doesn’t describe just how loving, funny and sensitive she is to others’ feelings and needs. Maria’s open heart and friendly smile helps others feel included.

Maria has a Christ-centered spirit that she relies on all day. It allows her to be an effective leader at work always lifting up those around her. It is what makes her a reliable friend, sister, aunt, wife and future mother.

About Todd by Maria

As an artist, Todd sees the world in a different way. I know he will help a child appreciate God’s beautiful creation with long walks and talks. During these times, he will help a child understand how beautiful he or she is with encouragement to embrace their racial and ethnic identity, as he has done with his own mixed Puerto Rican and Italian identity.

Todd will make an amazing dad because he doesn’t just read God’s word but lives it out. While he is serious when he needs to be, Todd is really a kid-at-heart, loves telling bad jokes, laughing until his face turns red and playing tag. 

Circle of Support

We are blessed to have a strong circle of family and friends. They are 100% supportive of our decision to adopt and look forward to loving and supporting a child. We asked them why we will make great parents and they said:

Maria loves to laugh and is full of joy. Kids need to live surrounded by happiness, and she can do that without a doubt.

Todd is thoughtful and patient. He models Christ’s teaching in his loving and accepting nature.

Parenting and Openness

Becoming parents is so important to us that we talked about it on our second date. We were always open to adoption and after unsuccessful fertility treatments, we felt led to adoption and now know this was always part of God’s plan for us.

We promise that we will see your child as precious and will do everything within our God-given power to meet their needs. We welcome whatever type of relationship works for you including emails, photos and visits. Please know that there will always be a place at our table specifically for you.


We are humbled and thankful that you have decided to get to know more about our love, life and desire to expand our family through adoption. We are praying for a bright future for you filled with blessings.

Fun facts

  • I'm quiet when I first meet people but once we get to know each other, I love a good, real conversation.
  • I often say “Train!” when I hear a train horn blow.
  • One of my dreams came true when I got to drive a real freight train as a Christmas gift from Maria.
  • I am a neat and clean freak.
  • I spent a summer in Italy studying painting and drawing. 
  • Three of my favorite NBA players to watch are Chris Paul, Steph Curry and John Wall.
  • Growing up, I was always very protective of my little sister. As an adult I still am very protective of all my family and friends.
  • I like joking around with my family and friends a lot. I enjoy making them laugh.
  • When I was little, I liked watching the garbage truck from our apartment window and my dad would draw pictures of the truck for me which made me happy.
  • I’m obsessed with crocheting: I have a drawer full of yarn and 5 blankets I’ve made (at last count).
  • My favorite type of food is French and I’ve been able to enjoy it while in France on 4 different trips.
  • I am also fluent in French.
  • I like to make Todd laugh before bedtime by wearing my shirt as a wig.
  • I have at least 4 different pens on me at all times (Nerdy, I know).
  • I love biking so much that I got an indoor bike as a present from Todd.
  • I am grateful that GPS was invented because I have almost no sense of direction.
  • I’ve seen every episode of Psych and Parks & Rec at least 5 times.
  • My favorite cheese is blue cheese. Todd calls it “stinky cheese”.

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