Hello!  We are Patrick, Tony, and Marie.  We are grateful that you are taking the time to check out our online profile.  We are a science and nature loving family that is excited about adopting another child. We enjoy traveling both in the United States and abroad and we look forward to having a new family member join us on our little adventures.  We understand that this may be a difficult time for you, and we will always support whatever decision you make. 

Our First Date

Our first date in 2007 had an awkward start. We went out to dinner and we both were very nervous (although Tony would deny he was). Patrick kept on spilling his dinner all over the table and Tony said so few words that we were completely done with dinner within a half an hour. But after we both relaxed over a game of darts, it was clear to us both that we had found something very special and we have been inseparable ever since.  We connected early on with each other based on our mutual interests and most of all—on our shared goal of becoming parents.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

Adopting Marie through the Cradle in 2015 truly has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and a fulfillment of a lifelong dream for both of us. Our home has always been filled with love, laughter, and joy and since Marie joined our family, this only has increased.

Our goal is for Marie and your child to become kind, independent, and happy adults. Our approach to parenting involves providing excellent educational opportunities and focusing on the basics. We have dinner together as a family every night, we see extended family members and friends frequently, we laugh, read and sing with Marie constantly, we play outdoors every chance we get, and most importantly, we shower each other with hugs, kisses, and “I love yous” often.

Our Childcare Plan

For at least the first 6 months of your child’s life, one parent will be home full-time. After that, your child will have daycare during the weekday with the same provider as Marie. We feel very fortunate that we have incredibly supportive family and friends that we see frequently. Also in our neighborhood, we are a part of a community of loving and supportive parents with young children. Marie’s daycare provider is a part of this community and your child will be surrounded by love constantly. Our entire family and friends are almost as excited as we are about adding another child to our family.

Our Thoughts on Openness

As you make your decision, you should know that we are open to your involvement in the child’s life to the extent you are comfortable with.  We believe that there are never too many people to love a child!  

We are in an open adoption with Marie’s mother and we feel very fortunate to have her a part of our lives.  We have monthly contact and occasional visits. It has been an evolving relationship based on open and honest communication. As time goes on, our love and respect for Marie’s mother has only grown and she is a part of our family. In fact, Marie was named after her biological great grandmother who was a very special person to Marie’s mother. 

Our Work, Home, and Family

Patrick is a doctor and Tony is a PhD student in atmospheric science.  We live in a close-knit neighborhood of Chicago near top schools and beautiful parks.  We are close with our large, loving, Irish-Italian Catholic families with grandparents and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Patrick has one brother and one sister, and Tony has two brothers.  We have two nephews and one niece on Patrick’s side, and three nieces (with another one on her way) on Tony’s side.

Patrick on Tony

My favorite things about Tony are his good moral values, kindness, intelligence, and his smile. Tony is also very generous and he has a great sense of humor so it is

so much fun being around him. He is always looking out for his family and has a lot of love to give.  Tony is an awesome parent because he is patient, generous, and kind. Also, Tony believes strongly in helping people be the best they can be, while not forgetting to take some time to relax and have fun.  As Tony is the oldest of 18 grandchildren, he is a natural leader, protector, and caregiver. Nurturing and helping others grow while keeping them safe comes naturally to him.

Tony on Patrick

My favorite things about Patrick are his friendliness, openness, and that he is so caring. People always find it very easy to talk to Patrick and I often laugh because people share things with him in minutes, when it can take others years to get that same information. Patrick is an amazing parent because he is patient, a great listener and he is someone that Marie and your child can really open up to. Patrick loves being a Dad and I can’t think of anyone else who has more love and compassion than he does. He cares so deeply for the people and your child will always feel loved by Patrick.

A little bit about Marie . . .

Marie was born in May 2015 and she is the youngest of 7 grandchildren (with one more on the way!). Marie is very outgoing and she loves to be around other people. She enjoys laughing, blowing bubbles, being read to, and playing with dolls. Marie also likes music: especially ”Itsy bitsy spider,” “Here we go around the mulberry bush,” and “Wheels on the bus.” Most of all, she loves to be held and sung “Ba ba black sheep” right before bed and naps.

Final Thoughts

We really appreciate the time you have taken to read our profile and learning a little more about us.  We understand that this may be a difficult process for you and we believe that whatever decision you make will be the best decision for you and your child.

Warm regards,

Fun facts

  • Loves geography: has memorized maps and almost always knows where he’s going; in fact, he was the 5th grade geography bee champion in his school
  • Has visited 44 states and 29 countries in the world and he can speak French fluently and he knows some Spanish
  • Was the 14th person in the world to bungee jump off a parasail when he was 18 (but wouldn’t do that in a million years now)
  • Likes to bake cakes but really just wants to eat the batter 
  • Loves to listen to Indie Rock Music
  • Favorite TV shows:  Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, American Dad, Golden Girls
  • Favorite movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings
  • Favorite books: Wuthering Heights, Jude the Obscure, Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time
  • Favorite food is Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza
  • Got to live in Spain for a month in high school
  • Huge fan of X-men comic books
  • Really enjoys interior designing our home as well as gardening
  • He had an unassisted triple play at age 12 when he played little league baseball
  • Favorite TV shows: Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Voyager, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Favorite movies: Braveheart, The Abyss, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars
  • Favorite books: The Grapes of Wrath, all the Harry Potter books, Great Expectations, Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time

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