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Cradle Adoptive Dad and Hollywood producer Dan Lanigan has beautifully captured 99 years of The Cradle’s work through emotional, uplifting and inspiring stories of adoption. Watch as 10 Cradle families return to The Cradle’s red couch to explore the beauty and complexities of adoption and share their experiences of working with The Cradle. The red couch is a well-worn, cushy sofa that newly formed adoptive families sit on for their first photo as a family. It has become a poignant symbol for many Cradle families.



Stories from The Red Couch was created by the Cinema Relics Productions team led by Hollywood writer, producer, director and (most importantly) Cradle Adoptive Dad, Dan Lanigan. Dan and his wife Jill adopted their two children through The Cradle and wanted to highlight not only The Cradle’s 99 year history, but the outstanding support, guidance and counsel the agency provided them and countless other families. Dan most recently produced and starred in the Disney+ series Prop Culture and has worked on the series Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Return and The West Texas Investors Club. We are deeply grateful to Dan and his creative team for working with us to create Stories from The Red Couch.

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Adoption Documentary: Stories from the Red Couch | Film by Cinema Relics Productions

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