Intercountry Adoption Fees

The Cradle's role in assisting intercountry adoption is to educate and prepare you through our homestudy process. We will also help to inform as you identify a country and placement agency.

Our Fee Breakdown

Registration Fee $500
Homestudy: Phase One $500
Homestudy: Phase Two $1,600
Complete Homestudy $1,400
Post-placement Fee  $300/visit*
Home Study Update Fee $300 per update

Need help with adoption expenses? The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is up to $13,840. Learn more.

Click here for information on financial resources available to help make adoption a financially accessible option for building your family.

All Fees are subject to change. Refund Policies
Fees effective April 15, 2021

* Minimum of three visits required by The Cradle. Fees must be paid in full before initial post-placement visit.