Intercountry Program FAQs

Timeframe's in adoption are difficult to predict and vary from family to family. Timeframe's will be dependent on the program and country you choose, and we can offer no guaranteed placement date. Some of the timing in the process is under your control as an adoptive parent. How motivated & available you are, how quickly you get paperwork back to us and how flexible you are in your request for a child all will impact your timeframe in adoption.

There are no fees for expectant parents considering placing a child for adoption. Learn more about how The Cradle can help.

Our fees for adopting a child vary by program. Learn more about adoption fees.

As a not-for-profit organization, The Cradle makes every effort to keep adoption a financially accessible option for building your family. In fact, our fees do not cover the costs we incur in providing counseling, outreach and educational services to all members of the adoption circle. We rely heavily on The Cradle Foundation's fundraising and charitable giving for ongoing support of our services.

The general rule of thumb is to expect about a one month delay for every three months a child spends in an orphanage. The majority of these delays are correctable --- with early intervention services kids tend to catch up pretty quickly. We will help link you to resources to help with this.

Fees cover a range of services to all members of the adoption circle. We are thoroughly preparing you as adoptive parents for this experience through counseling and education. It’s important to realize that there is a wide range of adoption related services we provide here in this country as well as abroad, including financial support for the orphanages (which goes to care for the many children who will never be placed). Your fee covers more than just services for one child.

We have chosen to work with respected agencies with proven track-records in each country. We constantly monitor what’s happening both within those countries, and the agencies we recommend. We will serve as your liaison and advocate throughout the process.

No. We want you to be excited about the child you’re adopting. We will support you in evaluating a fit to your family as well as communicating to the placement agency should you decide to request another referral.

Maybe. Each country sets their own regulations regarding who is eligible to adopt from their country. Most countries are not open to same-sex couples but on occasion there might be one or two countries that are. Schedule a call with us to learn more.