Choose an agency

The Cradle works in coordination with many “placement agencies” (child placing agencies that are not-for-profit and licensed by the state in which the agency is located) or facilitators to arrange your adoption. We work routinely with certain agencies because our staff and alumni clients have found that they have the most reputable programs we are aware of in a given country. We will share this information with you. We will also give you the names of alumni clients who have received their children from the country or countries you are considering.

Having said this, we are willing to work with any licensed child welfare agency of your choosing or private facilitators as long as we have no concerns about their engaging in unethical practices. We prefer licensed agencies to private facilitators because it is much easier to verify their credibility.

When considering an agency or facilitator, you may want to ask:

How long have you been involved in international adoption?

How many children have you placed?

How long have you been placing children from ______________ ?

How many children did you placed from ____________ last year and this year so far?

Does your agency accept gender and age requests?

What is the average age of the children at the time of placement?

Do you have programs to prepare older children for the transition?

How many of your adoptions have disrupted? (Agencies who place many older and special needs families will have disruptions.)

Have you ever been sued?

How long has your (country) coordinator worked for you? Worked with (the country)?

Do you have permanent on-site staff member(s) in the country who is working exclusively for your agency and solely does adoption?

On average last and this year, from the time a family submits a completed dossier (home study and supporting documents) to your agency, how long does it take to placement of a child (give age and sex desired) from (country)?

How long is the travel requirement?

How and with whom are travel arrangements made?

Minus the home study, post-placement and INS expense, what are the average costs per family for all other expenses related to an adoption with your agency from (country)? (Including travel, certification and translation of documents, country fees and agency fees, among other expenses.)

How much of your fees do we pay before accepting a specific child referral?

Additional Resources on choosing an adoption agency:

●  Assessing the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies
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