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10 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month 2018

National Adoption Month is upon us yet again. Though we celebrate adoption each day, November gives us a reason to focus on the importance of adoption in our lives, and say thank you to those who made it possible: from selfless birth parents to adoption counselors and beyond. It's also a great time to focus on adoption with your child and discuss what it means to them. Here are 10 ways to celebrate, advocate and discuss adoption throughout this very special month. 

  1. With your child, create a Lifebook that tells his or her story, before and after adoption. Lifebooks help children place adoption or foster care in the context of their life experiences and personal identity. To help get you started, Adoption Learning Partners offers an interactive online course on Lifebooks.
  2. Celebrate your child’s heritage through games and activities, cooking traditional recipes or making holiday crafts that reflect his or her culture. If your child is at the right age, you can even start talking about potentially visiting the country where he or she was born. Check out one Cradle therapist's advice for planning a homeland journey.

  3. Educate students and staff at your child’s school about adoption. Speakers in The Cradle’s Volunteers for Adoption Education program give talks in high school classrooms throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area and answer students’ questions about adoption. For more information, contact Noelle Moore at 847.733.3207 or

  4. Watch an adoption-themed movie or read an adoption-themed book as a family and discuss afterward. See our post about adoption-themed literature and movies as well as this blog on the topic Adoption at the Movies.

  5. On November 17, National Adoption Day, courts across the country will finalize thousands of adoptions. To help celebrate this important occasion, attend an event in your area.

  6. Read up on this year's National Adoption Month initiative, In Their Own Words: Lifting Up Youth Voices and see how you can get involved in adoption and child welfare advocacy.

  7. On Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, show your thanks by writing a letter of appreciation to the social worker, judge or other professional who made your adoption happen. Thank your child’s birthparents for their extraordinary gift by sending them a note or e-mail. Involve your child in discussing why you are thankful to these very important people. 

  8. If your employer does not offer adoption benefits, speak to your HR department about the possibility of adding benefits similar to those offered to biological parents. Each year The Cradle recognizes adoption-friendly companies in the Chicago area with The Silver Cradle Award. For more information regarding employer-provided adoption benefits, visit the US Department of Health and Family Services Child Welfare Information Gateway.

  9. With your child, shop for gifts for the children of Cradle birth parents as part of our 2018 Holiday Gift Drive. Many of these families are financially stressed, and the holidays add pressures as parents try to provide for their kids. For more information, contact Noelle Moore at 847.733.3207 or

  10. On November 27th, support The Cradle by making a gift online through our annual #GivingTuesday campaign. You can make the gift in your child's or birth mother's honor, or in celebration of an adopted person or adoptive family in your life. Stay tuned for #GivingTuesdays details!

We are very thankful for all of the wonderful families, friends and organizations that make up our extended Cradle family. Thank you for everything you do to celebrate adoption and support The Cradle. Don't forget to share how you are celebrating National Adoption Month with The Cradle on our Facebook page!