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5 Facts About a Birth Mom's Legal Rights

1. You may choose to place a child for adoption at any age without parental consent. This is your decision to make and any contact with a Cradle counselor is completely private.

2. You may change your mind at any time during the adoption process up until the legal documents are signed and you designate an adoptive family.

3. Once you sign the paperwork, placement is permanent. After the legal documents terminating your parental rights are signed, the placement is permanent. The Cradle is committed to helping you reach a decision that you are comfortable with before you take that step.

4. You can choose to parent at any time. You will be treated with respect and dignity and your decision will be supported. If you recieved financial aid during your pregnancy, you are not required to repay the agency.

5. You will not be pressured nor coerced towards an adoption decision. The Cradle will support and respect any decision you make.

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