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8 Surprising Facts About Adoption

1. It is never to late to start the process. Whether you are early on in the pregnancy or if the baby is already born, you can contact The Cradle at any time. 

2. Our support for you is private, confidential and free of charge. You can come in and talk with a counselor as many times as you need. All of our birth parent couselors are highly qualified and are ready to meet with you at any time. Meet them here.

3. You can change your mind at any point in the process. Nothing is set and stone and the counselors are here to help you make the right choice for you.

4. The Cradle Nusery is available to you. If you still unsure after your child is born, you are invited to use The Cradle Nursery while finalizing your plans. 

5. You can start your adoption plan when you are ready. You can see family profiles and meet a family at any point in the process, given that you feel ready.

6. There is always a family for your baby. All of our families have gone through our homestudy classes, completed background checks, and are eager to adopt. Get to know our waiting families.

7. We can help you with medical expenses. The Cradle can pay for reasonable medical and living expenses, as needed.

8. The doors of The Cradle don't close. Once you place your child we are still here. You can always come back for support.