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Adoption in Literature and Film

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From Philomena and Finding Dory in theaters to Mike & Molly and Lifetime movies on TV, we’ve shared many thoughts and recommendations on how adoption has been depicted in recent years. We haven’t always been thrilled by how a particular adoption storyline is played out, but we are amazed at how commonplace and well accepted adoption has become in the mainstream media. Our hope is that the inclusion of adoption storylines and adopted characters help to create a culture – at school, in the community, and in society as a whole – where adoption is just as present as other forms of diversity. 

That is why Adoption Therapist Mandy Jones, LCSW, JD, encourages families and educators to have movies and books with an adopted character on hand. And there are plenty to choose from!

Of course, some depictions are better than others, Mandy admits, but everyone benefits the more normalized adoption becomes in society. There are many options that parents and teachers can incorporate at home and in the classroom that are great opportunities for discussion, education, or just for fun!