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The Cradle Needs You: Volunteer at Rock The Cradle Gala 2018

We are adding a spin to this year's Rock The Cradle Gala. As you may have heard, our annual fundraising bash will be taking place in an exciting new venue: Wintrust's Grand Banking Hall in the historic Central Standard Building. Though not an official event venue, the beautiful Gothic Revival and neoclassical hall is a Chicago treasure. Built in 1924, it stands on the site where officials first divided the country into four time zones.

But, hosting at this monument to Chicago history means that The Cradle needs many more volunteers than in years past. Without a hotel's staff of event managers, The Cradle is responsible for all of the set-up and take-down, and in a very specific window of time. So, we are sending out the signal far and wide: The Cradle Gala needs volunteers!

You might be a seasoned Cradle volunteer. Maybe you just want to see what the Gala is all about. Or you might simply be a Chicago architecture buff. Whatever the case, helping us with our most popular event of the year is sure to be a blast.

If you are creative, skilled in interior decoration or have an eye for artistic beauty, consider helping us with set-up!

The Cradle could really use those with fundraising experience to assist in registration and help out during the silent auction or raffle, says Cradle events manager Honor Lorenzini. If you're an especially outgoing type, this role might be for you!

Maybe you'll be attending the Gala and are planning on dancing the night away. Why not stay just a little longer and help with take down. The beautiful banking hall is sure to be a sight when empty as well.

Whatever the case, if you might be interesting in helping us out this year, let us know! We'll be sure to find the right spot for you. Don't miss your chance to see what our favorite, fanciest event of the year is all about! Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Noelle Moore, at