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How to Gain Access to Original Birth Certificates

Adopted persons born in Illinois may now request a non-certified copy of the Original Birth Certificate (OBC) from The IL Department of Public Health or call 877-323-5299 for more information.

What will be on the original birth certificate?
The non certified copy of the original birth certificate typically includes the birthmother’s name, her age, address and occupation at the time of birth and her place of birth.

Keep in mind, however, that it is possible she gave an alias rather than her real name. The birthfather’s name will only be included if the couple was legally married at the time of birth or if the birthmother chose to include it.


Does this new law mean that all adoption records are now open?
No, adoption records are not open. This new law only pertains to the original birth certificate. All other aspects of adoption law in Illinois have not changed. Illinois law does not allow an agency to release identifying information, including names of birth relatives, without consent from that person. This means that The Cradle is unable to confirm or deny the names of birthparents from an original birth certificate. For more information on the changes to Illinois adoption law, visit:

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