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Tylenol is running a very cool, very powerful, very relevant campaign called #HowWeFamily. The premise is that Tylenol believes that family is not about who you love, but how. Through this campaign, Tylenol celebrates the changing American family. 

The campaign is three-month effort that includes in-depth videos on 10 real families from around the U.S., a "docu-short" on changing American families, and results of a national survey on families, all housed on a microsite. There, you can find stories, commercials, tips, family facts, and user-generated content where familles are sharing across social media what makes them proud of their family.

We applaude Tylenol's support of the fact that family is everything, and every family is different. Adoption plays a role in this, of course, but the ways in which families differ are much greater than just that.

No matter what makes your family different, we're going to join Tylenol in celebrating families of every size, color, race, sexuality - and so on, and so forth. Celebrate with us!

Share what makes you proud of your family. Write on our Facebook wall, Tweet at us, tag us on Instagram, comment on this blog, comment in our Facebook post. You can even write us an email. Share your photos, use #HowWeCradleFam and tell why you love you family.Share your traditions, a memory - anything you want. We'll keep your photos and quotes and use them on our website and social media channels to spread the word that family is family, no matter how you became one or what it looks like.