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Openness is a Wonderful Thing

The documentary Closure is a story that follows the life of an adopted person in her quest to find her birth parents.The essence of the story, as I saw it, was about the need for an adopted person to understand where she came from. To know her birth parents.

To answer those unanswered questions that may have been floating around in her head…possibly forever.

  • Do I look like him?   
  • And sing like her?
  • Do I have his eyes?
  • But, have her height?
  • Did I get my sense of humor from her?
  • And my love of books from him?

Openness is a wonderful thing! The child, and eventually adult adopted person, who has ongoing contact with his birth parents does not need to struggle with unanswered questions. They can see for themselves, ask in their own way, and parents -- all parents -- can help them understand.

Yes, openness is a wonderful thing!

(pictured above is beautiful Micah, who is growing up in an open adoption relationship)