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Parenting Resources for Education and Play

The Cradle has been a steadfast provider of education and information for our families through webinars like Asian Child | White Parent and a multitude of other parenting courses on our Adoption Learning Partners platform. Consequently we are proud to partner with a leader in play and learning, The Chicago Children’s Museum (CCM) to bring fun educational experiences and support you in creating a sense of calm and safety for little ones.

We recognize remote learning and lacking social interaction can create anxiousness and hyperactivity for some children and you might be in need of alternative approaches and activities, or simply in need of a break. Through the Parenting Playbook, CCM is offering curated resources and activities to help keep kids happy and healthy. We hope these resources encourage creativity and play as well as help with managing stressful situations, boost resiliency and mental well-being for all.

So grab a jar, a few other household items, coffee or tea (parents that part is for you), click the links below, and let your littles have an imagination escape. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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