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Save the Adoption Tax Credit

Save the Adoption Tax Credit

As many of you know, the adoption tax credit (ATC) is vulnerable and may be eliminated as part of tax reform – and we need your help to save it! Join us as we work to keep pressure on Congress to save the credit that makes it possible for all families to adopt.

Now is the time for you to tell your story, and let your legislators know what the adoption tax credit has meant for you and your family. Your voice matters. Legislators will only #SaveTheATC if they understand the real-world impact and feel that their constituents support it.

Join us by acting now to protect America’s families and improve, not remove, this path to family for children.

Sample Letter to Representatives

Click here to see a sample letter of what you can send to your Senators and Representatives.

Click here to find more ways to take action!

Let your members of Congress know how much the Adoption Tax Credit matters to you!