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Shifting Gears to Better Serve Our Community

During this time of ever-changing news and unprecedented health and safety concerns, we’ve all been asked to live our lives differently. We understand the added pressures that families are facing as we shift gears to keep our loved ones and our communities safe. People who are touched by adoption may also be experiencing additional challenges. The Cradle remains committed to providing care and keeping closely connected to those we serve. 

Adopted children may be worried about their birth families, while birth families worry about the child they placed. In some cases, contact that birth and adoptive families usually maintain might be disrupted. The challenges and obstacles facing members of the adoption circle may be heightened and elevated. Our world feels very different right now - The Cradle is here for you.

In order to better serve those touched by adoption, the Cradle is available for telehealth counseling.  Our therapists are highly experienced with adoption-specific family matters. We can ensure a secure, private and HIPAA compliant platform that is easily accessible to you. The Cradle’s telehealth platform enables us to provide counselling with audio and visual connection, that we know is essential to this necessary work.

If you are interested in accessing The Cradle’s Telehealth Services and would like to schedule a session, please call The Cradle’s Helpline at 800-272-3534, or email We are all in this together. Please know you can lean on The Cradle and our seasoned social services team during these uncertain times.