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Supporting the Transition Back to School

parent holding hands with child wearing backpack

As we wrap up the warm summer months, families are preparing for the start of the school year. Fresh clothes, new shoes and organizing backpacks filled with classroom supplies can be exciting. It can also be stressful. As we shift back into another “new normal” it is important to acknowledge this transition out of quarantine and remote learning has impacted our young learners.

It is helpful to anticipate kids’ concerns and questions. Parents need to prepare for “what if” and “what about” discussions. Topics can span from safety concerns to social anxieties. Supporting children with open conversations can calm nerves and manage expectations. Talking out these scenarios can give parents an idea of where their child may need more support.

Transitions can be tough to navigate. Especially in the wake of a time when the world has been faced with constant change, while learning to stay healthy and safe in a global pandemic.

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This transition back to school won't be the same as any other year. Hopefully it will bring healing and hope for kids and families everywhere.