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Unplanned Pregnancy? 6 Things The Cradle Wants You to Know About Adoption

1. There’s No Rush. Contact The Cradle when you’re ready, and only then.

2. There’s No Pressure. A Cradle counselor’s goal is simple: To make sure you understand all of your options, rights and responsibilities. She will help you explore all your options, and find a plan that's right for you, whether or not it's adoption or parenting.

3. You Make the Choices. You can choose the family for your child, or you can have The Cradle help you. You decide the type of relationship that you would like to have with them, whether it's an open adoption or not. All of the Cradle families have been thoroughly screened and are excited about parenting.

4. You Have All the Time You Need. Placing your child for adoption is a big decision, and you have time to explore all of your options before you decide. It is common to go back and forth. Even after the child is born, The Cradle Nursery and other temporary care facilities give you time to make your final decision.

5. You Sign the Paperwork With a Cradle Counselor. Once you are ready, a counselor will meet with you to sign paperwork. No one is pressuring you to sign anything immediately, and Illinois law states you must wait 72 hours. During that time, your baby can stay in our Nursery, or with you at the hospital. It is your choice. 

6. Our Doors Are Always Open. The Cradle is here to support you long after your placement. You may feel sadness or a sense of loss once your adoption decision is final. That’s totally normal, even expected. We will help you cope with your loss and we hope you will feel free to continue to meet with your Cradle counselor. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.