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What We Wish We Had Known About The Adoption Process

We asked adoptive parents and birth parents: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice before starting the adoption process, what would you say? What do you wish you knew back then?

We got a lot of responses! Check out the advice adoptive and birth parents gave on Facebook and in our YouTube videos:

​"Be patient and befriend another couple who is in the process of adopting or has adopted. It helps to have a support system that understands your highs and your lows. But most importantly, enjoy the process because it’s truly an AWESOME journey when you are placed with that child is meant to be yours." —  Sergio (adoptive father)

"I underappreciated how much it is a process, more than a discreet event. The classes that we took here at The Cradle, the connections we made with other families, that is when it became much clearer to me." — Sasha (adoptive mother)

"I would say trust God and the process. It gets challenging, and we waited three years, but our son was worth the wait! One thing I loved was being in an adoption group, and The Cradle gave a list of things to do while waiting.— Laura (adoptive mother)

"If you aren't ready, do adoption. Whatever choice you are going to make is going to be difficult. It has to be what you want, but also what is best for your child."  — Rebecca (birth mother)

"My insecurity was whether I was going to be able to deal with another woman. I had to chuck that at the door because it's not about me. It's about this little girl and what's best for her. What's best for her is having this woman in our lives, and being able to be there for her as long as she needs it or wants it. And that's what an adoptive parent needs to understand. It's not about our insecurities, it's about what's best for that child." — Meredith (adoptive mother)

"TRUST the process, it is there for a reason. The counselors' feedback is like gold! But, let your heart guide you; no matter what you won’t be disappointed. Brought out baby girl home 1/1/2017 and have never had any regrets." — Rhonda (adoptive mother)

"Be prepared for anything. Sometimes the baby is already born or will be within weeks." — Jay (adoptive father)