Trust Based Parenting for the Adoptive Family: Laying a Firm Foundation

Saturday, April 22, 2017
8:30AM - 1:00PM
Location: The Cradle, 2049 Ridge Ave, Evanston, IL, 60201
Dori Fujii, LCSW
$40 per person, $50 per couple. All fees are non-refundable. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Refreshments will be served. We are unable to offer babysitting for this workshop.

What do you like about having GPS or Google maps when you are headed out on a journey? Is it that you can have some information about the route and time it will take to get where you are going? Or that you can get some ideas of fun things to do along the way? Or that it helps you find your way when you get lost?

So where is the “map” for parenting that helps us stay focused on the destination of raising caring, responsible children while avoiding the pitfalls of nagging, power struggles or appeasement? Turns out that there is one!

TBRI® (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) is a parenting approach (or map) that offers guidance on combining nurture and discipline that is tailored to the level of your child’s misbehavior and your child’s developmental level. It offers strategies to teach new behaviors without resorting to threats, punishment or shaming your child. TBRI® grew out of the widely recognized work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross with at risk children. While TBRI® is effective with all children, the emphasis on trust and attachment is especially important for adoptive families.

As a post-adoption therapist, I am excited to share an overview of TBRI® with you. I think you will find the approach empowering, hopeful, common sense, fun and especially useful on the days when you feel you are headed down a dead-end street!

This is a workshop recommended for parents of children from infancy through 8th grade.

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