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Meet Aderrick & Daniel
Aderrick & Daniel

Fun Facts

  • I have released 2 albums 1 EP and a music video of my original music.
  • I love the Peanuts. Franklin, Charlie Brown and Snoopy are my favorites.
  • Janet Jackson is my all time favorite artist but I do love country music.
  • As a young adult I wrote countless songs (over 100) and I have written a few books (non published).
  • Raisinettes is my favorite candy.
  • Strangely enough, I hated to sweat growing up. Now I love to work out.
  • If I had a super power I would like to be invisible.
  • I have a large insect tattoo for my love of bugs.
  • I love to collect bowls, pottery and fountain pens.
  • I have never not been in school/ in a school since 1979.
  • If I had to choose a period of time to visit it would be Victorian era, England as a scientist.
  • If I had a super power I would want to fly.
  • My favorite color is red although I like the green color of budding leaves in the spring.
  • I love languages and cultures; I speak and write Spanish fluently.

Our Story

Thank you so much for your bravery and for looking at our profile. We know our hope to adopt is a double-edged sword. It would bring us such joy while it might bring you a great deal of pain and loss. Our desire is to have an open adoption, one where you would be like extended family to us. We also know that you may want your distance and we will respect that too. We would like you to take a few minutes to get to know us.

Our Love

Why Adoption?

Before meeting Daniel, Aderrick has always felt passionately about adopting.

After building a life with Daniel and much conversation earlier this year, we both felt strongly about opening our hearts to a child. With your blessing, our dream of having a child sing, dance, act silly, learn to cook and garden, and love life with us could come true.


The first part of my childhood I lived in Memphis, in a predominantly black neighborhood, then we moved to Chicago which was very diverse. I feel that diversity and staying connected to your roots is very important for our future son or daughter.

Our First Country Race


Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago allowed me to see multiple perspectives and enjoy many different experiences. I am so excited to be able to share my love of nature and science by taking our son or daughter to the Field Museum, or to the Shedd Aquarium, and to hike through the miles of wilderness around us. I want our son or daughter to know what nature can teach him/her by learning the value of being quiet in nature’s presence, of being appreciative of nature’s gifts.


We have been together for five years, married for three. You can feel an ease about us as a couple that makes you want to come on in and sit on down, kick your shoes off, eat, and share.

It’s our hope that you consider us as there will be many large family moments. We co-parent the 5 kids from Daniel’s previous marriage with his ex-wife. The kids are super excited. So, when the kids visit there will be even more laughter, jokes, old stories, goofy moments and family games. The popcorn will be all over I’m sure, when we cuddle on the couch for movie time. The child we adopt will be swimming in so much love and affection.

Our First Picture with Ailey

Home and Neighborhood

Situated in an historically black neighborhood, we live in a comfortable refurbished four-bedroom house with our six-year-old puppy, Ailey. We bought this house hoping a mother would allow us the honor of adoption. We have two possible rooms for the nursery.  Our backyard is a generous size filled with flowers and a very large tree, fenced-in and begging for a giggling kid to play in. This is where we hang by the fire in the evening and enjoy entertaining a few friends. Our kitchen is central to our love of creating homemade foods. Cooking is a together thing for the two of us and it will be for the child we hope to adopt as well. Eating dinner every night is a constant reminder to savor the moments together and solidifies the roots we have established as a family.


As new parents, we will take time off work to bond with our child. We both plan to take paternity leave. We will have open communication with our child including rewards, positive reinforcement, consequences and recognizing when they have had too much. Daily we will continue to build closeness in our relationship, fun activities and creating lasting memories.


We are ready to give a child a safe and comfortable home. Exposure to your and their roots will be endless. They will know who they are and that their mother sacrificed a lot so that we could be his/her dads. Establishing educational and social opportunities throughout our community is one of our top priorities as well. We will also teach our children about financial basics, credit scores, and how to plan for life’s journey.

Growing up, our child will get to know you, both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They are looking forward to spending time with the little one. Our son or daughter will have many people loving on them. Our families live close so there will be many little road trips to Grams’.

Since sharing our adoption journey with our friends, they are excited and eager to meet the new addition to our family. The friends with kids are extra excited to have our baby play and grow up with theirs.

We hope to instill the love of travel, learning about other places, and just getting away from the norm, in our child like:
– local neighborhood festivals here in the city
– picnics at Ravinia
– concerts and amusement parks

Gotta Say, We Love Us Some Concerts!


We want this journey, ours and yours, to always be a part of the narrative. We believe in the importance of telling our child his/ her adoption story as a way of honoring their history and your crucial place in it. We will be parents because of your consideration only. For this reason, you will not be forgotten.

Our hearts, our family and our home are ready to welcome a new addition with open arms. There will not be a day that goes by when we won’t recognize the gift you allowed to magnify our lives. Thank you.



Aderrick & Daniel

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