Background Reports

If your adoption was specifically arranged through The Cradle, we offer Background Reports.

These reports give available non-identifying, background and medical information from The Cradle's records. Illinois adoption law does not allow The Cradle to release the name, or other identifying information, of an individual without their written consent.

The first step to receiving your Background Report is to schedule an Informational Consultation/Background Report.

Who is eligible to request a Background Report?
What is the fee for a Background Report?

Sample Reports
View a sample Background Report for an adopted person
View a sample Background Report for a birth parent
The amount of information available in a background report will vary, depending on the era in which the adoption was planned and how long we worked with those involved.

Please schedule an Informational Consultation if you would like some assistance reconnecting: Make an Online Appointment 

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Video Transcript

The fact that I have access to our records, I will know the history and the background that led to your birth parents coming to The Cradle to make a plan of adoption for you. And that may help you think about, you know, now that I know a little bit about them, that’s all I really want to know. Because, there’s no right or wrong. There are many people who just want information and then there’s other people that want to search. And there’s no one size fits all. It’s what you feel comfortable with, what is right for you. And if the information is all you want, that’s great. And if potentially making contact is what you want, whether it’s now or down the line, that’s okay, too. To get started, I invite you to register for an informational consultation.