• 30-Minute Informational Consultation: No Charge for Cradle facilitated adoptions; $40 for all others
  • Cradle Registry: Free
  • Background Report: $125, $50 if pre-1940
  • Search and Connection Services: $300
  • Reconnection / Outreach: $50
  • Post-initial consultation: $40​​


Important Information About Timing and Outcomes

Service requests are taken in the order they are received, and the wait time can vary. Once a service request is received and payment is processed, an approximate wait time will be provided. Regarding Search and Connection services, the time it takes to locate and connect with a birth relative can range from a few weeks to more than a year. Although we are often able to locate the person we are seeking, we cannot guarantee that we will be successful and/or that the person we find will respond or be open to making a connection. Additionally, Illinois adoption law does not allow The Cradle to release or confirm names and/or other identifying information without written consent. Our fees, regardless of service or outcome, are non-refundable. 

Schedule an Informational Consultation to begin. 

We're here. Even if you search on your own

Video Transcript

Whether you decide to search through The Cradle or another agency or resource or on your own, within the Information Consultation we can talk about what might be the best for you. And if you do search on your own, what are some of these things that you want to think about before you go into it? What services, what sites are available to you? I can make some suggestions on some useful search sites, search engines, that can help you potentially learn about your birth family and figure out if you’ve found the right person. The last thing we want you to do is find the wrong person and make a connection with someone who isn’t your birth family member. There are some good sites out there and I can give you some suggestions and help you navigate through those sites. And, also, once you think you’ve found the right person, what do you do from there? How do you find that person? What do you do? How do you make contact? So we can talk about what would be the best way for you and also on the receiving end, what’s the best way?

The last thing you want to do is catch somebody in the middle of a dinner party and not get the reaction that you want because the person’s distracted or just not in a good frame of mind. So we can talk about what is the best way to reach out with you doing that on your own. And, also, if you’re working with another resource out there, are they going to be able to provide some support as well or is it just the search service.

We can talk ahead of time about what things to anticipate and think about, so that when you do get to that search service, if it is just searching, you’ve already gotten some support and guidance so that you’re ready to get there. And other places, if you do search on your own or with another resource and there’s some issues that come up after, you can always come back and talk to us. I do provide some counseling or consultation and we can work through some of those issues that may have come up in that post-searching or connecting.