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The Cradle provides services in an ethical and respectful manner, and the confidentiality of all parties is maintained. If a relative is open to contact, The Cradle can act as intermediary, exchanging letters and photos, until both parties feel comfortable with direct contact.

Illinois adoption law requires that a person requesting a search for a biological relative through an agency like The Cradle must first be registered with the Illinois Adoption Registry

Our Search and Connection Services combine the information available in The Cradle's records with extensive research of demographic, historical, archival, online and genealogical records, to locate current contact information for birth relatives. If current contact information is located, an outreach is made, and ongoing support for developing a relationship is provided to all parties.

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Sometimes, people who were in contact through an open or semi-open adoption, or a successful search facilitated by The Cradle, lose touch.

Please schedule an Informational Consultation if you would like some assistance reconnecting.
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How do I know it's the right time?

Video Transcript

The decision to learn about your birth family background or even try to make a connection can be extremely emotionally overwhelming. Whether it’s that way before you even contact me or once we start talking about it, you may have that surge of emotion. And that’s okay, I have many phone calls with many tears, and that’s very normal. And everyone’s obviously different and we’re all individuals, but there are certain themes that are marriage, birth of children, death of somebody that makes you sort of, wow, let me look into that, let me see what I can find. And of course there’s everything in between and there’s no right or wrong way; there’s no right or wrong time. Really, whatever time that feels right for you is the right time to contact us and get started.