Post Adoption Therapists

  • Dori Fujii

    LCSW, Adoption Therapist

    Dori Fujii is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the field of public and private child welfare and adoption since receiving her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana. She has consulted with DCFS in their pre- and post-adoptive services programs and since 1997 and has worked at The Cradle with families adopting domestically and internationally.  

    Dori has specialized training in attachment focused, trauma-informed treatment modalities and is a registered Circle of Security® Parent Educator and registered TBRI® Practitioner. She has particular interest in helping parents find effective ways of understanding, communicating and connecting with their children and teens. Her approach is practical and relationship oriented. She stresses the importance of being aware of how past experiences play a role in shaping the thoughts, feelings and actions of all members of the adoption circle.

    To schedule an appointment with Dori please call 847-733-3225 or fill out our online form.

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  • Mandy Jones

    LCSW, JD, Certified Theraplay® Practitioner and Trainer, Adoption Therapist

    Mandy has worked almost exclusively with adoptive and foster families since she began her career.  A Certified Theraplay® Practitioner and Trainer, she takes a particular interest in helping families with young children form strong attachments and work through sensory concerns. Mandy is also experienced in helping adopted individuals with identity, loss, and anxiety concerns throughout their lifespan. Through her work as a trainer, she educates parents and professionals about attachment and parenting the adopted child. She regularly presents at both local and national conferences.  Mandy also takes a particular interest in organizing and participating in events that foster community between adoptive and foster families.  One of her favorite experiences has been traveling with families who have adopted internationally as they have embarked on homeland journeys.  

    Mandy earned her BA in Political Science and her BS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. She earned her Master of Clinical Social Work and Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University.

    To schedule an appointment with Mandy, please call 847-733-3225 or fill out our online form.​

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  • Judy Stigger

    LCSW, Adoption Therapist, Clinical Director of Adoption Learning Partners

    As Adoption Therapist, Judy works with children, adults, and families with post adoption issues. She provides training for parents, educators and clinical professionals. As Clinical Director for Adoption Learning Partners, Judy creates content and coordinates with professionals. Previously, Judy coordinated international and domestic adoption programs. She authored "Coping with Infertility" and many articles related to adoption.

    Judy conceptualized, creating the content for Conspicuous Families and other courses. She presents at local and national conferences, and serves on the advisory board of Adoptive Families Magazine. In 2000, Congress recognized Judy with an Angel in Adoption award, in recognition of her years of service and expertise. Judy and her spouse are the adoptive parents of two grown, special needs children and are also birth grandparents of one, and grandparents of two, lovely granddaughters.

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